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I am passionate about facilitating learning in others. I believe that learning takes place in different ways in different forms in different mediums and at different times. For those of us entrusted with the education of others, we must remain current, creative, agile, and open. Most importantly, we must also be willing to become the learner.

My specialty is making learning experiences readily available and valuable to my audiences. My audiences range from an organization’s new employees to students in a community ESL program. While the participants may vary, the outcomes are the same. The content of the educational experience should be engaging and transformative, and the time dedicated to learn should reap new applicable knowledge for the learner.

The purpose of this portfolio is to give an overview of who I am as an advocate of learning and development. This portfolio specifically features content, and my work, as it relates to:

Ensuring educational experiences are engaging

Helping others easily access learning & development experiences

Foundational Knowledge of Adult Learning Principles and History