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I have believed in the importance of education for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, one would most likely find me playing “school” more than any other activity. I always had to be the teacher, but not because I was bossy (this may or may not be contrary to my friends’ opinions at the time). It was because I craved the responsibility of planning out a lesson, creating a fun way to learn something new, and testing my students’ knowledge at the end (transfer of learning! metrics!) It is no surprise that I have spent my adult life immersed in learning – both professionally and personally. I believe that education and personal development give us options. It allows our perspectives to grow and change. My desire is to be a facilitator of knowledge and growth for those around me. I want to create spaces to help people realize their highest potential and help them find the best path to rise to it.

The purpose of the portfolio is to give an overview of who I am as an advocate of learning and development. This portfolio features:

  • Snapshots of some of my lifework and initiatives that I am passionate about
  • Projects I have been part of in Learning & Development
  • A resume that give details of my professional experience
  • My Teaching Philosophy
  • A Toolkit of learning resources to use as reference when developing or facilitating adult learning experiences

To contact me, email kimberlymungle@outlook.com