A Trip to the Perot Museum and A Gallery Wall DIY

Labor Day weekend we decided to have a little bit of a staycation – you know, where you stay home and explore your own city.  For the last several years we have made the trek to Missouri to see the Mungle side of the family every Labor Day.  This year we decided to move our trip up to July 4th and spend Labor Day weekend at home… relaxing… sort of.

We did have a few DIY projects in mind for the long weekend but the part we were most excited about was our trip downtown.  We had three things in mind… Eat at one of our favorite dive diners, explore the Perot Nature Museum and take a few urban pics for an in-progress “Gallery Wall” project we’ve had in mind.

We started the morning with a drive down to University Park to grab some breakfast at Café Brazil.  Yum.  Matt and I have loved this place for years.  My favorite is the spinach chicken crepes.  Pair it with a cup of hot English Breakfast tea and rosemary potatoes and you will not be disappointed.

Next up we headed over to the Perot Museum.  We purchased our tickets online the day before and if you are thinking about visiting, definitely do this.  By the time we arrived (just after 10AM), tickets for all morning times were sold out.  CRAZY!


A Selfie with Cady outside the Perot.

 After spending several minutes trying to figure out how to pay for parking (it’s done thru an app on your mobile phone now) and then weaving thru the crowds trying to buy tickets, we finally made it up to the 4th floor.  Matt and Cady rode the iconic escalator and Milo and I took the elevator.

Free Dino Sun Visors!

Free Dino Sun Visors!

I’m not a fan of heights or escalators and we had a stroller so this was definitely the best option for me.  AND, I got to chat with an Amish lady that was riding up as well.  So yeah, Amish people visit museums so you can mark that question off your list.  The fourth floor is where the dinosaurs are located – definitely a must see.

His face says it all.  He was amazed!

His face says it all. He was amazed!


Wrangling a toddler can be difficult... but their matching outfits are cute! ;)

Wrangling a toddler can be difficult… but their matching outfits are cute! 😉

Snapped this pic on the landing of the 4th floor.  I guess it’s a “photo op” station, but Milo was not interested in having his picture taken.  He was amazed at being so high up and seeing downtown Dallas from this perspective tho.


The 4th floor with it’s mighty dino skeletons was hard to beat, but the kids also loved the interactive floor where you can have some hands on experience with science.  There is also a Children’s Museum on one of the lower levels where toddlers/preschoolers can play in mini environments, a swirling river sink, and small ride-on toys.  There is a nice outside section with a water play area for kids as well.  Unfortunately, we were in the “naptime” zone so we didn’t hang out there very long.

The next part of our day involved taking some cool city pics for our photo project.  I’ve been inspired by several decorating sites I’ve seen online.  I love the line of black & white framed photos from Pottery Barn.

These lovelies range from $160 - $300 for the size we needed and the frames we liked. They are swank, but just a little out of our budget.

These lovelies range from $160 – $300 for the size we needed and the frames we liked. They are swank, but just a little out of our budget.

While I adore those PB ones above, I also know that Matt and I love photography and we are not terrible at it so we decided attempt our own.  We took quite a few pictures, and then picked our favorite 8…



We then edited them, cropped them and printed them out on plain paper at Kinko’s for .25 a piece.



We had already purchased the Ribba 16×20 frames from ikea for $10 each.  They are nice quality frames with mats.  Buying a similar frame at a framing or hobby store will be at least twice if not three times that price.  We framed our new printed photos and hung them up.  We only got into two fights when hanging them so that’s also a bonus! #DIYcancauseseriousarguments

Here she is, all finished!


At night…

During the day...

During the day…

I loved this project.  Each time we look at these photos we’ll remember our special day.



10 bucks - nice frame and .25 to print!

10 bucks – nice frame and .25 to print!

And the best part is that we spent $80 for a wall of very nice art that could have cost us over TWO THOUSAND bucks at some of our favorite high-end stores.

Lastly, here’s your pin-worthy pic.



I hope you are inspired to create a gallery wall in your own home soon!


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