Scrap Wood US Map

One thing you will learn about me… I love a cozy home and I have a certain style – I could design my WHOLE house with Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen catalogs.  I mentioned a few posts back that we created a gallery wall inspired by photo art I saw on the PB site.  One of the other Pottery Barn art pieces that I was drooling over was this Planked USA Panel:


I.LOVE.IT!  It was the perfect style for our game room that we are in the process of putting together.  We have a big brown monster of a sectional that can be difficult to build a room around.  I decided to go with a décor that had a little more of a rustic feel.  Here is another pic from Pottery Barn’s site:


Ours didn’t need to be quite that big.  Matt and I tore some fencing down in our backyard several months ago and we have used that old tattered wood for several projects.  So our wood was free.  I’m guessing you could use pallet wood or something like that.  You could even buy some cheap wood and distress it as well.  Figure out how big you want your piece to be.  Then cut your wood to that size.  I wanted ours to be 4′ across so I cut each piece of wood anywhere from 46-50 inches long.  I eyeballed it, you don’t want it to be perfect.  Next, Matt screwed each of the boards into two other scrap pieces.  It’s not rocket science, just lay two boards down vertically with a few feet of space between.  Next lay the pieces that are going to be the front of your art horizontally on top of those two pieces.  Secure them with screws or nails – whichever you want.  He also attached a piece of wood along the top so that we could use that for securing the map to the wall.  Now for the fun…


I printed out a pic of a US Map.  I then drew a line vertically and horizontally on it so that the lines met in the middle.  I did the same on the wood (with pencil or something that you can see but paint over).  This will help you keep it to scale.  I started with an outline and then Cady and I filled it in.  We used mostly a dry brush so the paint wasn’t too thick.  We wanted the paint to look weathered.  In fact when we finished, there were some spots that were a little too white so I grabbed a piece of sand paper and went over those.



For us this project was FREE (we had all the supplies on hand) and took us less than a couple hours.  I love how it turned out!




Different time of day.

While I do love the PB one, we just can’t fork over $350.  Besides, these projects are so fun to do as a family.  And it gives the art on your wall a sentimental value that isn’t something you can buy.


I’m always looking for fun cool projects to do around our house… and cheap.  Let me know if you have any you’d like to share!



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