September Date Night – The Rocky Horror Show

Wyly Theater Dallas, TX

Wyly Theatre
Dallas, TX

Matt and I try and get away for a date night every now and then.  Usually a couple times a month.  This month we decided to double date with some good friends of ours and have dinner in uptown and then head over to the Wyly Theatre for a live production of The Rocky Horror Show.  Neither of us had ever been to a live production and I had never even seen the movie… While it will probably offend you in every way possible, it was so super fun!

We started our evening at Barter in uptown.  Barter had a cool atmosphere with a contemporary western feel and a small live band.  The menu was created by Tim Love – you may recognize his name from several Food Network shows.  He’s well-known so I was excited to give this place a try.  I started out with a skinny cougar from the cocktail menu and it was yummy – vodka, watermelon juice, lemon juice and mint syrup.  Matt and I then shared a burger, fries and texas hummus.  Our friends tried the soft crab fajitas with carrot home fries.  Our burger was great – you can’t really go wrong with a burger at a “western” restaurant.  The hummus was good, nothing special.  Our friends enjoyed the soft crab fajitas but said the carrot home fries were a little SPICY.  I tried a tiny bite and I felt the heat so just beware of those… Our tab (hummus, burger, a cocktail and a beer) was right at $40.  Our friend’s tab (crab fajitas, carrot fries, a cocktail and beer) was closer to $60.  I’d check the menu before you go if your interested.  It’s a small menu so make sure they’ve got something you like for the amount you want to spend.

Next we drove downtown to the arts district to attend our show at the Wyly Theatre.   If you’ve never been to a production at the Wyly, you should make an effort to go.  It’s so fun! You feel like you are part of the action – it’s small and intimate and the way they utilize the stage and space is fantastic!  We were given a bag of props (Rocky Horror is known for audience participation) to use while the show was on.  It was a BLAST!  I actually got to shoot people in the face with a water gun!  Not everyone got props and of those who did, many didn’t think to fill up their water gun before the show!  We also got to wave glow sticks, throw confetti and cards and wrap the stage and audience with toilet paper… BLAST, I’m telling ya.  My girlfriend and I even got special drinks in our theatre sippies and they must have been really good because she danced The Time Warp on stage with some of the players! Ha!  If I could have taken a picture, I would have – but what happens at the Rocky Horror has to stay at the Rocky Horror, no pics.

I’m not sure what we’ll plan for a special October date, but I hope it’s as fun as this one!


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