Vintage Alphabet Sign – DIY

We are in the process of creating an old fashioned "schoolroom" area for Milo in our game room.

We are in the process of creating an old fashioned “schoolroom” area for Milo in our game room.

I think I’ve said before that we have been working on getting our game room just the way we want it.  When we moved in we sort of chunked all of our old living room furniture in there and that’s how it stayed for about the first five months we lived here.  In the last few weeks we’ve been rearranging furniture, building out a media area, creating a “work from home” office cubby for Matt and an old school “classroom” area for Milo.  We’ve also been working on artwork for the room.  I’m striving for things that are personal and mean something – like this US Map that we created and photos of Matt’s dad when he was in a band in the 60s.

For Milo’s little vintage schoolroom area we put up chalkboards and an old fashioned school clock (it even glows at night) and some block letters (our initials).  I’m still working on staining his craft table and a few other things so I’ll blog about the entire area later, but for now I wanted to share a little project that was simple, quick and cheap – but also super cute and fun.


I found several actual antique charts online but they were so expensive.  I’ve been searching and if I remember correctly, this one was $500!  I went back to check the price but it’s no longer available.  Apparently someone has way more money than my family!  It’s fabulous tho, isn’t it?


click for source.

You could do this with any poster.  I think it would look really cool with an old map, or medical/architectural poster as well.  I may modpodge over the top of ours to give it even more of antique feel (less shiny), but for now I love it!


This project will take you less than an hour and cost around 10-15 bucks.  I ordered that print for less than $10 online.  You can find TONS of vintage inspired posters – don’t pay a lot, shop around.  You can actually buy similar artwork (that IS actually vintage) for several hundred dollars – check Etsy if that’s the direction you choose to go.  This artwork is for a toddler area so I’m not about to spend tons of money.  You can pick up a dowel for about $2 at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  I bought the long one so I could cut it in half (we actually bought it for a different project so we even had this one on hand…).  There are tons of sizes/diameters, pick whatever you like.


That’s it!  My poster was a smaller one because the space it would hang wasn’t that big.  I cut the dowel to be about an inch longer than the poster on each side.  My dowel was so long after 2 cuts I still had some left over.



I’m starting to teach Milo his letters so I thought having a piece of artwork with simple block letters would be fun.  And it fits in nicely with the theme of his classroom area.  These types of projects are by far my favorite!


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