Our Eclectic Office – Room Tour


One of the cool things about our home is the number of “common areas” it has.  We have a living room, dining room, game room, office/music room and of course the kitchen with a breakfast area.  It’s nice to have lots of room for activities.


From the movie Step Brothers.

We are one of those families that spends lots of time together, not necessarily because we just like being around each other… more like we must all be co-dependent because it seems we are always in the same room.  ha!  We do a nice job of eating together each night and vedging in the living room or gameroom together (sometimes we even all end up in the master bedroom watching a movie or DVR’d show).  The kids also like to hang out in the office/music room quite a bit.  Cady practices her cello there and spends quite a bit of time playing the piano.  I use it as a command station for paying bills and I also work in there some days.  Milo likes playing banging on the piano and he enjoys the open area in the middle for cars, blocks, reading – whatever strikes him that day.  Syd, of course, uses it to survey any wrongdoing in the front yard (mailman, UPS guy, rogue bunny) and for naps.  It’s actually the first room we completed after buying this home.  It has undergone a few changes since we moved in, but it remains one of my favorite rooms.  I think mostly because it displays some of my favorite things.

Here’s a pic taken before we moved in:


You can’t tell from the image above, but the walls were in bad shape due to all the pool stick racks that were attached to the walls.  And those curtains?!  I’m telling you, the curtains in this house were something else…  I’m sure they were expensive but they were just UGLY.  I took down the curtains, patched the walls and painted them a soft greige (kinda gray, kinda beige).


Matt installed Billy bookcases and topped them with small accent lighting.  A couple months ago my mother-in-law Linda drove her old piano down from Missouri and it found a new home in here.  The desk is an old one that Matt had before we were even married – I like it because sometimes it’s nice to have things that were “his” before we were “us”.  The quilt ladder is something Matt built me a couple years ago and it remains one of my most favorite things EVER (it’s also one of my popular pins on pinterest – I’m going to reblog about it in a few weeks).  So like I mentioned before, what makes the room great is all the special pieces we have on display…


A century old piano, baby pictures and Cady’s cello.


A mid-century 8 DAY starburst clock that Matt, Cady and I found on a day of thrift shopping in Cape Girardeau, MO last summer.  It was 10 bucks!! Swoon…


Sweet vacation pictures, favorite books and tons of the kids artwork.  Gage painted this bird piece when he was in elementary school.  The pieces on the very top of the shelves are different projects from each of us that span the last 15 years.


Gage gave me this clock when he was tiny – maybe 3 or 4.  It was white porcelain with painted pink flowers on it – definitely right out of the 90s.  I never had the heart to throw it out even tho it was way out of style.  I recently took it apart and painted it with a special metallic spray paint.. I love it now!



Items from mission trips to Africa and China… My favorite wooden birdhouse – I have a thing for birds in case you haven’t noticed… Several glossy photo books from movies where Matt was invited to premiers in LA or NY.


The Book of Awesome, Shakespeare, the entire Harry Potter series and Novel Writing books?  Yep, this is us…   And the “My Stash” jar – a favorite last minute gift idea we used last year.


I found these curtains at Ikea – they are hand drawn trees with little birds!  I KNEW I had to have them the instant I saw them!

I love this room in our home.  It’s eclectic and I promise you, not one you’ll see in the pages of any magazine because it holds tons of personal treasures that only this family has.  Treasures that have good stories to back them up.



I can’t wait for more adventures and creative pieces to fill these walls and shelves!


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