Craftin’ with Milo – Cotton Ball Ghost


I’m pretty sure Milo got the craft gene, he loves to color and paint and work on projects.  Since it’s the first week of October I’ve been trying to teach him about Fall and Halloween and what to expect.  We are headed to the library this weekend to pick up some books.  I dug out a pack of Halloween tattoos from my scout leader days and decided we’d attempt a simple ghost craft.  Here’s what you’ll need:


We had all these supplies on hand.  I think if you have kids it’s nice to keep construction paper, glue, markers, paint and fun things like pipe cleaners and bubble eyes available.  We have a closet upstairs where we keep it all “semi” organized.  I took the white paper and cut out sort of a ghost shape.  Then I cut three black ovals out of the black paper (you could just draw those directly onto you white paper, but Milo loves using glue so I let him glue those on).  Next I poured some glue into a paper plate and set up a station for him.  I showed him how to:

1. Pick a cotton ball 2. Dip it into the glue 3. Find an empty spot on the ghost. 4. Press it into place.


He loved it.  We also have a pack of pipe cleaners that we use for various crafts.  I let him play with a couple and showed him how to twist them and make fun shapes.  This is good for their motor skills.  I then took two and twisted the tops together.  I cut another pipe cleaner into pieces and twisted those on as well.  I bent them to create a spider.  While Milo took a nap, the ghost dried and I hot-glued the pipe cleaners to the back of the ghost.  The last step was just extra and you could skip it, I used some craft paint to put two white dots on the eyes of the ghost and two tiny red dots on the spider.  Cute, huh?


Make sure you give it a few hours to dry – depends on how much glue was used. Milo is a glue globber so it took a while..  This was so easy that we are making a second one for Matt to have at his office – and Cady wants to make one too.  Even tho it’s simple enough for a toddler or preschooler, sometimes these quick crafts are fun for any age. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Craftin’ with Milo – Cotton Ball Ghost

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