Room Tour – Our Breakfast Nook


We are one of those families that actually sits down to dinner every night (at least most nights…)  We do use our dining room when we have family or guests in (several times a year) but nearly every night you’ll find us around the table in our breakfast area grubbing down.  Why do they call it a breakfast area anyway?  Are we only supposed to eat breakfast there?  I’ve also heard it referred to as an eat-in kitchen – that’s probably a more accurate description for us as we rarely eat “breakfast” together!  You’ll notice from the pic above that like the other areas I’ve shared in our home, it’s a personal space filled with meaningful objects.  Here’s where we started:


This is a realtor pic “before” we bought the house.  As you can see, there are some good bones there.  Lots of great light and a nice view of the pool.  I’m not a fan of the previous owners furniture or window coverings or clutter just outside the window but I do remember seeing this room for the first time.  I could totally imagine our family gathered around a table there!


My favorite part of this room (after the windows and great view) is this wall full of fun stuff we’ve curated.  (Side note:  I’ll be posting a tutorial of those super simple valances soon!).



This little wall has several goodies.  This pitcher holds wine and champagne corks from parties with friends and get togethers in our home.  I’m a huge Dr. Pepper fan so those cute little bottles just make me smile.  The ceramic pig?  It’s a min piggy bank that Cady gave me.  And you can barely see him in the photos but there is also a ceramic rooster.  I’ve always been told you are supposed to have at least one rooster in your kitchen.  I’ve had that one for more than 15 years.  He is a mosaic of lots of different colored glass, but you guessed it, I got my white spray paint out several months ago and he got a makeover.  He fits right in now!


Those wine bottles were given to us as house warming gifts and one is from a winery near Matt’s hometown where we spent our last anniversary.  The little mouse and cheese S&P shakers were a gift to Matt from Cady when we were just dating!  She was younger and I let her pick gifts on her own and I was always tickled with what she chose.  I mean what single man doesn’t need a mouse & cheese salt & pepper shaker?!  That tiny plant is a morning glory that Milo planted for me as a Mother’s Day gift.


There’s even a spot on the buffet for me to add seasonal décor.


I’d tell you those lemons were just for decoration, but no, we actually use them.  Sometimes that basket has bananas or avocados or whatever is needed that week.  Our breakfast area is probably one of the places most used in our home.  It is rarely empty like this:


I tried to take a few minutes to grab some photos and most of them contain either a dog or a Milo!



Counting Lemons, so strange what will keep a toddler entertained for long periods of time!?


It’s probably obvious, but my goal in designing our home is to make it warm and homey – our little space in this world that is safe and comfortable.  We’ll get there, one project at a time!


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