Phoenix recap! (Family wedding & vacation)

Now that we’ve been back for a couple days, I *think* we are getting back on schedule.  After several days of go-go-go, a flight issue on Monday that forced us to land in another city, and an exhausted sick 2 year old that has been “slightly” cranky – things are on the upswing.  We did have a LOT to do while in Phoenix, but we also had a blast.  The wedding was beautiful, the family was fun and the weather was hot.  We left on Thursday and although we always have good intentions of being ready at a certain time with everything packed and perfect, it just never happens.  We generally find ourselves scrambling to get everything done.  Milo woke up sick, we forgot to turn the AC off (or at least down) and even panicked that we had accidentally closed our laundry room door – the place where our cat’s two litter boxes and week supply of food was located.  It was all good tho.  Milo felt well enough to participate in most of the activities, a cold front came in and the AC stayed off anyway and obviously we had not closed the laundry room door.  Our cat was fine and fat and happy and in fact looked a little annoyed when we came home and he realized that he did not own the house after all. #CatsAreJerks

Anyway, we made it safely to the airport and Milo loved his first flight.  The rest of us did ok too.


We arrived in Arizona early Thursday night, but crashed pretty soon after visiting with the family for a bit (while it was early in Phoenix, the 2 hour time difference had us exhausted!).  The next morning we were up early to head out for a bridal party mani/pedi appointment.


Ivy and Cady on the left (they were greeters in the wedding) / Kelly and Chris on the right (Kelly was part of the wedding party and Chris was one of the brides!)

What a treat!  I can’t remember the last time I had a mani/pedi done with Cady.  After our appointments we headed to get Milo some cowboy boots (he was the ring bearer in the wedding).  Unfortunately, he was tired by this point and was NOT having the boots thing. In fact he kicked me in the shin while wearing said boots and I have the bruise to prove it.  I’m sure the brides were disappointed, but they agreed he could just wear his plain old Children’s Place boots and we could head home for a nap… which did not happen.  The thing we did not realize about the weekend is that everywhere we needed to be seemed to be an hour away!  Next up was heading to the venue (in Apache Junction, AZ) for rehearsal and then a dinner at one of the bride’s parents’ home.

A couple pics around the venue - Superstition Mountain Museum

A couple pics around the venue – Superstition Mountain Museum

Dinner that night was pizza by the pool at Kim’s parents home in Gilbert, AZ.  It was a great night to relax on the patio.  Best part was Chris taught us how to use a bendy straw to make armpit farts. Things may never be the same.  We laughed until our sides hurt.  We were again exhausted.. I can’t adequately describe how tired we were so here’s a pic:


The next day was the wedding!  It was a gorgeous day (HOT, but beautiful)!


We left the reception just a little early because Milo was definitely in need of some sleep.

After a solid night’s rest and lots of coffee, we headed up to Sedona, AZ the next morning (about 2 hours away).  The drive was amazing.  Milo pointed to almost every mountain (there are many just in case you are wondering) and Cady read her Seventeen magazine and filled me in on all the things I don’t know about being a teenager (oh wait, she does that every day…)

We walked around for a bit and then at the suggestion of the AZ fam, we decided to lunch at Oaxaca’s.


We sat on the roof with all those open windows and we were completely surrounded by mountains!  Gorgeous!  And the food was yummy too!  I’m still thinking about my avocado cream enchiladas topped with a fried egg…  Next up was walking and shopping.


We each picked out something special, took in the scenery and then packed up to head back toward Phoenix.  We stopped at the Chapel of the Holy Cross on the way home, another amazing site.



Cady also took a few great pics of the actual cross and I want to get one printed and framed for our house.

So that’s about it.  We traveled home Monday.  There were some weather issues in Dallas that forced us to land in another city and then refuel and fly back to Dallas.  We picked up Syd from the kennel, grabbed pizza and came home to watch TV and nap for the rest of the day.  It was COLD and windy and for maybe a second I missed that AZ heat… then I got over it and put on a sweatshirt, snuggled in and watched Scandal.  It was an amazing trip, but I was HAPPY to be home.


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