Movie Review: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

movie alexCady and I opted for a midweek Girls’ Night to see a screening of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day last week.


If you’re looking for a fun family movie, this is a good one.

This is my review copied directly from The MungleShow site.  Visit it for all sorts of movie info!


PG 81 min – Comedy | Family

If you are a fan of the original children’s book like myself, this movie might have peaked your interest. There have been several adaptions of children’s books into movies in recent years that have been less than successful so I will admit I was skeptical of this one… I’m happy to report if you are looking for a clean family flick, this one fills the need.

Starring Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner, the story examines what it would be like to have a very very bad day…VERY bad day. Ed Oxenbould plays title character Alexander – the kid who just can’t catch a break. Waking up with gum in his hair, a popular kid planning a way cooler birthday party on the same day as his, and struggling to find his place among siblings that all seem to excel is just a typical day for twelve year old Alexander. As he sits alone at midnight on his birthday he makes a wish that his family could understand what it’s like to have a day when everything goes wrong. When everyone wakes up the next day (very late of course), the hilarity ensues.

This movie is perfect for families with kids five and older (if you don’t fit into that demographic, you might consider seeing something else). The humor is juvenile and there is a scene where Mom (Garner) uses the word penis several times – but nothing inappropriate. My fourteen year old and I found ourselves cracking up several times. There is something for families in all stages to identify with and of course a reminder of what’s important at the end of every day – even if it’s a very bad one. I give the movie 4 out of 5 flammable pirate shirts.


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