Craftin’ with Milo – Harvest Tree


Cady and I were wandering around Target the other day (one of our favorite pastimes!) and I came across an end cap with a few Fall crafts on clearance.  These were marked down from $5 to $3 – that’s right about the amount I’m willing to spend on special crafts.  Generally I do crafts with Milo with materials we already have on hand.


You can see that the craft says ages 8+, but you can always modify activities to include your toddler (I mean doing it together IS sort of the point…).  We opened the package and I let Milo get everything out and put it on the table.  If you have a toddler, you know how much they like to take things out of packaging and line them up…

Next we separated all of the little green leaves.  I took the backings off (they are stickers) and Milo stuck them on the tree.  I mostly let him choose where they went, but I did give a little direction when he started clumping them all in one place! (He’s only 2…)

Harvest Tree Collage

After sticking all of the leaves on the tree, I let him tear the leaves and “frames” off the sheets.  There are rubber sheets with perforated edges that have leaves, frames for tiny pictures and the strips that make the acorns.  I had to express to him several times to be gentle so that the pieces did not get torn.  He did superb at this.  I love the pic below with his tongue sticking out, he was concentrating so hard!


While he was doing this I made the acorns (you just roll them up and stick them together).  I also heated up our glue gun and glued our pictures to the frames (I had already precut them).  You don’t have to do little pictures.  The kit also comes with extra leaves (that are big stickers) that you can just write things you are grateful for on – we are going to do this over the next month). Lastly I tied the strings on the frames and acorns and let Milo hang them on the tree.  Hanging and unhanging and then hanging again is definitely his favorite part!


It was an easy (and pretty quick) craft – the best kind for toddlers!  We are going to continue to write things we are grateful for on the stickers and then use it on our table at Thanksgiving.



Definitely worth the $3 we spent!


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