DIY Quickie: Super Easy, Super Cheap Window Valance


Search Pinterest and you’ll find a ton of easy DIY valances.  I read through several before heading to the store and making my own.  I didn’t use a specific one, but they are all pretty much the same.  This isn’t a new idea – just an affirmation that the project really is EASY and it really is CHEAP and it really looks GREAT!

Here’s what you’ll need:breakfastvalance9

You can find foam panels in the insulation aisle at your home improvement store.  Mine had 6 panels in the package and I cut up two for my two valances.  The whole pack was less than $10.  Here’s another shot for size reference… I didn’t take a pic before opening it.


1. Measure your window and then cut a piece of foam that is about 4 inches longer than that.  Set aside.  Now cut an additional 2 strips that are around 3 inches wide (these will be the sides of your valance.).

2. Use finishing nails to attach the 3 pieces together (the two shorter side pieces attach to the ends of the long piece).  Just push the nails thru with your fingers, no need t hammer or anything.

3. Measure enough material to cover your valance & cut.  Cover with the material, tacking it into place using pins.

4. Attach to the wall using a of couple finishing nails nailed in at an angle at the top of the valance. (Some of the tutorials mentioned using picture hangers, that would work too but I just tacked mine up with small nails.  It’s so light that was the easiest way.)


And a few additional pics…




I actually made two small valances for our breakfast area…


Seriously, if you are looking for an easy window cover that looks great, this is a win.  And it’s so inexpensive that you can easily change it out if you get tired of it!



This definitely goes in the Pinterest WIN column.


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