Adding casters to your coffee table


Have you  seen all the cool industrial vibe furniture out there lately?  I love it.  I think a mix of cottage, comfy and industrial is such a good feel.  When we moved into this house we had a LOT of empty space.  We did purchase new living room sofas because our old sectional went to the gameroom. Unfortunately we didn’t have a coffee table so we pulled one out of storage (this table had literally been sitting in our garage for years – only reason we saved it was for Gage to use when he got his first apartment…)  Here is my dream coffee table…


Sigh.  So pretty!  It’s just under $1000.  I love you Ethan Allen!  There are some more affordable options out there as well.  In fact when I was searching online I found this one at Walmart in their Better Homes & Garden line.


Don’t you love it?!  It’s only $105!  Their BH&G line has some adorable stuff!  In fact there is a little side table that goes with the above coffee table that I am SOOOO gonna get.  Go Walmart!

Inexpensive or not though, we aren’t actually spending money on new tables.  Since we have a perfectly good functioning one I decided a cheap little update would be fun.  I asked Matt to add casters to the bottom.  You could just buy 4 casters at your home improvement store and screw them in the existing legs but that would have made our table too high.  Also, I wanted bigger casters and they needed more “area” to screw into.


We decided to cut the legs off and then attach the casters to the bottom shelf of our table.  I love the result!




Closer look at the casters and how they are attached.  just plain old screws!


I haven’t decided if I want to refinish it.  I’m thinking of distressing it and then maybe adding a wax finish.  For now I’m loving this quick update!  I’m so happy Matt goes along with my crazy ideas.  “Hey honey can you cut the legs off this perfectly good table and then add these wheels onto the bottom?”  Best part is I can pull it right up to the couch to drink my coffee, work and watch the morning news.




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