Always wanted a clawfoot tub? Here ya go!


Our master bath has a long way to go but I spent a couple hours this week working on a quirky little update to our ubiquitous master bathroom garden tub.  When I look at all the bathrooms I love, they always have a clawfoot tub.  While we do plan on doing some updating in there, installing a new tub is NOT one.  So I came up with my own solution.  I decided I’d make one out of vinyl stickers.  Here’s what you do.

1. Buy some vinyl self adhesive paper. $8 at Hobby Lobby but get your 40% off which will make it $5.  You won’t even use half of it so essentially it’s costing you like $2 for this project.  I have a circle cutter, but if you don’t you can also pick one of those up for around $5.  They are fun for all sorts of crafts.


2. Watch TV and cut about a million vinyl stickers.

3. Draw on your tub with a dry erase marker the shape you want to emulate.


You can use a tape measure if you want.  I did have to retrace a few lines when my dots started getting wonky.  Cool thing about vinyl stickers is they peel right off!

Next up, add your dots…


And that’s it!  Voila!  Instant “clawfoot” tub.  Sorta…







Do you love it?  I do!


One thought on “Always wanted a clawfoot tub? Here ya go!

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