Setting up a Craft Corner – “in-progress project”


With the weather turning cooler (sorta, it’s dang hot in Texas…) and the holidays approaching it means that we’ll be spending a little more time inside doing craft projects.  Cady and I always find a few holiday projects that we enjoy and Milo is crazy about crafting these days.  He loves to use crayons and markers and paint.  He REALLY loves to use glue and I’ve even started teaching him to use scissors.  I’ve been pinning easy preschool crafts for us to work on over the next couple of months (easy ones like the cotton ghost and harvest tree).  In preparation for all this crafting I decided to get our supplies organized.  I recently made Milo’s halloween costume (will post pics soon…) and finding everything I needed in our house was frustrating.  We had sort of delegated anything crafty to our upstairs linen closet and even some stuff to the guest bedroom closet…but it was getting out of control.  I started stuffing things into our dining room hutch but that wasn’t really working either.  I finally decided I’d set up a corner in my office as a craft space.  We had an old kitchen table out in our garage that Matt had a bunch of power tools on just because there was no where else to put it.  It’s another piece of furniture that we saved for Gage but I ended up just buying him a new pub table from ikea that he really liked.  There have been a few weekends I’ve almost put the table out by the curb but I’ve had it for so long (around 12 years) that I feel a bit attached to it. ha!  I haven’t done a makeover on the table but will soon.  I cleaned it and sanded it but I’m waiting for inspiration before I paint/stain/stencil it…  I put it in the corner of my office along with a wire shelf (that I’ve actually had for longer than the table!) that I stole from the laundry room.


These pics are the start of a craft corner, there are a few things left to do that I’ll address later.  The first step was dragging out all of our supplies and sorting through them.  I kept a lot of stuff and chunked a bunch more.  I made a trip to Target and luckily they had several glass jars in the dollar section that were perfect.  I had intended on getting the $5 ones in their glass section so it was a nice surprise to see these for cheap!  I also used several mason jars that I already had on hand.




I can’t tell you how many times in the last 6 months I couldn’t find ONE freaking sharpie or ONE freaking pair of scissors. Look how many we actually have!


Clear paint can also from dollar spot at Target

The bottom of the wire shelf has two drawers.  I used them for the items that didn’t go in jars.  I have more ribbon and fabric scraps to weed through but this is a start!


I’m using a basket with a file organizer inside to hold all of our construction paper and scrapbook supplies.


I can use the bulletin board to pin up the small jewelry supplies and also a magnetic K that holds a couple needles for when I need them quick.


That task light clips on the top and provides good lighting for the area – and doesn’t take up space on the table!  It was Gage’s when he lived at home and more recently we had it in Milo’s nursery at our old house.  I found it when I was digging through all the craft junk!

The other cool thing about the area is that Matt put wheels on the table for me – again, something we already had.  They were the original ones we bought for our coffee table but I ended up going with some that were chunkier.  We can roll it out and pop up the sides when we are working there.  When finished it goes back against the wall.  And I love that the wire shelf has wheels and is mobile as well.  If we want put it away, it can easily roll into the laundry room or coat closet.



Lots of space when the leafs are out (yes, it’s leafs not leaves when referring to table extensions!)


I’m about 80% done with the area… Here’s what’s left:

1. Refinish the table… see mood board below

2. Add a simple stool that is easily stored under the table… (we have a couple really old ones in the garage but they might be TOO yucky… they have spent a lot of time outside and as “saw horses”).

3. Fun piece of artwork (see mood board below) for above the bulletin board – I’ll be posting about it next week.  I haven’t started on it yet.

4. Possibly some sort of ribbon holder (see mood board below) – we have a TON of ribbon that I haven’t gone thru yet.  Which brings me to the final item.

5. Finish sorting all the craft supplies and organize them.  There are just a few things here and there… in drawers or cabinets (mostly ribbon, scrapbook paper & fabric).  Not much but I’d like to make sure everything is in one place!


I’ll update when I check the outstanding things off my craft corner to-do list.  Now that I know what we have and it’s all organized and one spot, I’m extra excited about some of the upcoming projects we have!


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