Milo’s Cowboy Costume


I guess I should actually post about Milo’s cowboy Halloween costume since tomorrow IS Halloween!


This costume was super easy and fun.

cowboy5I know I say that about every project, but seriously, I guess I DON’T do projects that are not easy and/or fun!


I’m not even going to go into much detail because it’s that easy.  You don’t even have to sew if you don’t want.  I think I used two seams but both of those could have easily been hot glued (it’s a kids costume afterall…)  The total cost on the whole thing was about $15.  And $6 of that was the toy gun set I ordered.  If you didn’t want the guns, this costume would cost you less than $10.  I bought this one from amazon.


From the craft store you’ll need a yard of fake suede ($6), 4 squares of felt (.25 each), a wooden dowel ($1) and embroidery thread (.30).  I also used black ribbon, but I already had that on hand.


To make the vest I cut a square of about how much I would need for the vest out of the “faux” suede.


I then used one of Milo’s shirts as a guide for size.  I folded the 2 sides over…



Then I marked where the arm holes and collar would be with chalk (use whatever ya got, but chalk wipes off).


Pin on the inside of the lines and then cut along the lines and sew those top tabs to each other.


Put it on your kiddo to measure for length.  Cut to the right length and then you can round the corners for a little bit of a finished look.


Turn right side out and that’s it!


I found some fake cowhide in the square felt section (same area you get the other square pieces of felt – it’s generally in the craft section, not the bolted fabric section) and I thought it would look cute added to the back.  I sort of randomly rounded the corners (I wanted it to look like an actual hide) then glued it to the back.  Yep, just hot glued it right on. lol.


For the chaps.  Again I used a pair of Milo’s pants for a size guide.


I drew a line a couple inches outside his jeans (I didn’t want the chaps to be tight). Cut along the lines (you can cut more later if you want them smaller.


Round the inside corners on the bottom.


Cut fringe into the outside of the legs…


I then folded the top under and glued a seam/hem.  I left a pocket big enough for a ribbon or belt.  In the picture below a ribbon is threaded thru, I later replaced it with the plastic belt the toy guns came with.  You could easily just use the ribbon if you don’t order the guns.


Then I glued a couple ribbons on about halfway down the legs (on the back side of the material) to tie in the back.  Again this is optional but helps keep the chaps in place.


For the stick horse, you’ll use the felt squares, embroidery thread and wooden dowel.  (I already had a couple buttons and stuffing on hand.)


I found a tutorial online, but I made it even easier that an already easy project.  I used the embroidery thread to sew the two halves of my horse together, but I totally just glued my eyes on.  When I cinched up the bottom I tied a ribbon (the same ribbon I used on the chaps) around it and then glued that on.  I also used the same ribbon to make a bridle.  It’s just one piece glued around the muzzle and then two more glued along the sides of the head.  The swirl design on the dowel is just something extra I added.  It looks fantastic and Milo loves is.


That’s it!  We obviously already had jeans and a button up plaid shirt.  A t-shirt would be fine too.  His hat is old and barely even fits but we used it anyway.  He doesn’t have actual cowboy boots so we just went with what we had.  And yes, those are little freckles I put on with an eyeliner pencil – I think that’s one of his favorite things.  He kept looking in the mirror and smiling at his new freckles!  This costume is comfortable and it was CHEAP and he looks ADORABLE.  That’s all that counts, right?!



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