November Goals!


I did pretty well on my October goals…  We hiked and walked quite a bit this last month.  Some of that took place on our vacation to Arizona and some just around the hood.  In fact, I took the above picture when Milo, Cady and I were out on a jog/walk this past weekend.  Those are the trails in our neighborhood, they are beautiful.  This weather is perfect for enjoying time outside!  I also attended a writing workshop last month which I consider a big part of furthering my writing career.  I didn’t work much on my Ghosts novel, but the outline and first 3 chapters are complete for WotW (Weight of the World – working title).  It’s been difficult to find time to write lately but I’m working on it!  I tried a couple new recipes this past month but nothing I’m super crazy about.  When I find one I’ll make sure I post.  We did lots of pumpkin stuff and had a great Halloween.  I also finished reading two books and I plan to review those soon.  I think we have something going on every night this week so we’ll see…  Moving on to November goals!


I LOVE this time of year.  Gearing up for the excitement of the holidays makes me GID-EEEEE!  I’m hoping to finish all my Christmas shopping – the lists are all done and I’ve ordered a few things.  We are having Thanksgiving with just our little family this year and I’m stoked.  Gage hasn’t been able to spend Thanksgiving at home since starting college so this one will be special.  While he’s here we’ll do our annual Christmas pics (post coming on that too).  And obviously I’m going to write and read as much as possible – hopefully next to a fire with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa!  As a side-note, I’m reading a book called The Dinner right now and it’s JACKED UP.  I’m a huge fan of Gone Girl which I thought was about as jacked up as you can get… nope, this one is bizarre!  Yay for new months, fall foliage and upcoming celebrations!


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