Easy (Reversible) Dresser update

We are in the process of updating Milo’s room to his official BIG BOY room. *tears*  So what that pretty much means is he got a big boy bed and the crib went into storage.  Most everything else is staying the same.  I’ll do a room tour of his room later because it’s still in progress, but here’s a sneak peek.


I posted about the wall to the left yesterday – it’s where the stick antlers hang.  So far we’ve ordered his new bed (I just LOVE LOVE LOVE wrought iron twin beds…), his bedding and I’ve done a quick makeover on his dresser.  Matt will be working on a project for the area to the right over the next few days.  These are my room inspirations:


We currently have a beginner box spring mattress  (it’s only about 5 inches tall) and both mattresses are set to the lowest setting on the head & footboard because he is still getting used to a regular bed (if you’re wondering why the bed is so low).  He hasn’t fallen out yet so we might move them up to a regular height sooner than later.  Anyway, I wanted to update his dresser but I wasn’t sure about committing to painting it or restaining it.  It was also Cady’s dresser in her nursery so it’s been around a while.  We are going for a more rustic/industrial look in Milo’s room tho so I changed it up a little.  BTW – I’m off to visit Gage at college this week and Matt is taking vacation so he’ll be working on a huge built in in Milo’s room – I can’t wait to share about it.  We’re going for something similar to this:


I’ll let you know how that goes…

Here are just a few of my chest of drawer/dresser inspirations:

dresser inspiration

Love the legs, the old hardware & the “rusticness” of these pieces!

And here is where we started:


And here is where we are now:


Everything I did is completely reversible.  I changed out the hardware with some inexpensive knobs from Home Depot.  The top drawer ones were a little more pricey at $3 but worth it.  I added parson’s legs to the bottom (can easily be unscrewed) and I purchased some file cabinet metal label holders from Staples (attached them with command strips).  I spray painted the label holders and parson legs with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint we already had to match the new dresser hardware.


It really helps it tie into the rest of his room and I love the labels.  I’m still thinking about actually staining the top or perhaps distressing it and then applying a wax finish… I don’t know.  It’s a high quality piece of furniture from a high end store and was expensive even though it’s 15 years old.

sorry about the crappy phone pic on left - the bed had just been delivered and I snapped a pic.

sorry about the crappy phone pic on left – the bed had just been delivered and I snapped a pic.

That’s the quick & easy (and reversible) update on his dresser.

When did my baby turn into a little boy?

When did my baby turn into a little boy?

I’ll let you know if I get the guts to do something more permanent.  And hopefully I’ll have an update on Milo’s room progress next week!


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