Closet Makeover – in progress

There are a few projects on our to-do list for our house this year.  Some big, some small.  Since it’s January and everyone goes into purge mode, I thought I’d start with our master closet makeover.  I also moved it up on the list because it’s something I can do mostly by myself.  With Matt’s back injury, he can’t do a lot of physical activity, so any “builds” have to be simple enough for me!

Milo spending quality time at Lowe's with me.  I love that the guys there will cut the boards for me, one less step I have to worry about!

Milo spending quality time at Lowe’s with me. I love that the guys there will cut the boards for me, one less step I have to worry about!

This is an “in progress” post, hopefully I can get this done in the next week or so and actually take some decent pics.  For now, it’s all iPhone photos!  Let me show you where we started.  I’m ashamed… okay, not really. But seriously, our closet has been a mess for months.  Everything just gets sort of thrown in there.  We have a giant walk-in closet and a huge bathroom.  The closet was actually designed to be a dressing room.  A large doorway opens into it from the bathroom.  The previous owners put big mirrored sliding doors up – I guess they wanted to block the closet, but I was not a fan.


See how big our bathroom is? More area for us to make a mess! 😉 Also, I spy a tiny toothbrusher.

Above is a shot of the mirrored sliding doors.  They were one of the first things to go.  Here’s a before shot just as you walk inside the closet…


This is what you would have seen a week ago.  hahahaha!  Awful, huh?  The layout just wasn’t working…  Here’s an in progress shot, we’re not done, but most of the big work is complete…


Because these are iPhone pics I had to use the pano feature to get more in and I’m awful at it.  That’s why it looks a little wonky. After waking in the closet, Matt’s section is to the right.   When we finish, I’ll try and take some nice pics.  Here’s some of what we did:


So far we have:

  1. Removed double mirror sliding doors.
  2. ripped out both back wall shelves and rods
  3. painted and repaired walls
  4. removed door from built-in cabinet
  5. replaced top shelf on back wall, and built a middle shelf on the back wall.  Made the old bottom shelf into a jewelry bar.
  6. brought in my dresser and a new lamp
  7. added a sparkly chandelier!
  8. added baskets to the shelves.  Those will hold off season clothes and all the other random stuff we had stored in there.
  9. Added hooks for all my scarves and belts (not pictured)

Here’s what’s left…

  • Finish top shelf on left side (needs to be painted and then installed).  It’s another shelf for my dress shoes.  Yes, I will have 3 shelves for my shoes!  2 above my clothes for heels & flats.  One below my clothes for boots.
  • Add a bench or ottoman (spoiler alert – I already ordered it, it’s a tufted storage bench, and I looove it.  See below..)
  • I’m making cute DIY labels for all those baskets.  Will post about those this week as well.
  • Bring in the rest of the closet stuff that is currently residing on our bedroom floor..

Bench info… Here’s the one I wanted.


900 bucks… PB of course!

Here’s the one I ordered.  It was $400 but I got it for more than 50% off!!!  And it’s extra storage.


So that’s the update and what has been keeping me busy the last few days.


Hopefully I’ll have another update soon!


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