Master Closet Makeover


We finished our master closet makeover a few days ago.  There wasn’t much left to do after the “in-progress” post I did last week.  We ordered all of our wooden hangers and they arrived.  This is one of the best investments.  They’ll last forever and they sort of give me that “I’m shopping in my own closet” feeling!


You can also see from this pic that we finished that upper shelf for extra shoe storage.  I love being able to see all of my shoes!


I also posted last week about these DIY chalkboard labels.  These baskets are working out fantastically!


In the above pic you can see that I added hooks on both sides of the dresser for all my scarves.  I also put my sewing supply jar in the closet since it is mostly used for hems that come undone or buttons that get loose.


Another favorite part is this jewelry bar.  We removed the original shelf and rod that was in this location and added an additional shelf above.  Since the braces were still in place, we added a 1×4 that I could use for all my jewelry.  I love it because I can now see everything I have.  That has been the best part of this closet makeover, organizing things in a way that allows us to see what we have so that we don’t forget… and buy the same things over and over…  or WEAR the same things over and over for that matter.


This is a peak at Matt’s side of the closet.  I can’t take many pics of this area because the wall to the right contains all sort of secret stuff… Let’s just say we have a very sophisticated security system at our house…  He has plenty of room on that side.  Under his hanging clothes we have 3 baskets for our laundry – you can see two of them in the pic.  This is also a good shot of the built-in shelf.  When we redo our bathroom cabinets, we may have this one restained as well.  For now, I like how the color matches the hangers and baskets.  I use the built-in for sweaters and purse storage.


I am loving the new space.  It’s much easier to keep organized!


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