Little updates to the Living Room


The last few days have been icy and snowy.  School has been cancelled, Matt was home from work – it was actually like WINTER!  I’ve got a nice fire in the fireplace and a hot cup of coffee so I figured it’s a good time to share a couple updates that we’ve done in our living room lately.  I haven’t shared photos of our living room on the Home Tour page so I’ll post a few in this post.

Here is where we started… (realtor pics from when our home was on the market)









Since moving in we haven’t done major updates to this room – nothing was really needed.  It’s bright and open and a great space for hanging out – plus you can see the TV from any room on the bottom floor.  Yay for open concept.  Obviously we added all of our own things when we moved which is a different style than the previous owners.  A few months later I re-stained the mantle – the original color was just too “orangey”.  We are slowly getting rid of the maple stained cabinets, vanities, etc throughout the house and the mantle was quick change.


Recently I’ve done 2 updates in this room though – little ones.  First of all, I changed up the mirror and décor on the mantle.  Y’all know I was pining away for one of these $500-$1000 window ones from Pottery Barn.


But I had a mirror on the mantle already.  It’s at least 15 years old but I knew I could jazz it up with some trim pieces we already had in the garage. Here is a shot of it from last fall…


All I did was tape it off and paint it with a shiny black spray paint we already had in the garage.  then I cut the trim pieces (all by myself!) and made sure they all fit.  I painted them with the same spray paint after I had cut them to the right size.  Then I glued them on the mirror.  That’s it.  Took less than 2 hours and most of that was drying time.  I also bought a couple “branches” from hobby lobby (4 for less than $10) and put them in an existing glass vase from the mantle.  I bent them toward the mirror – I love that they sort of look wind blown.


Easy Peazy.

The other “new” thing in the room is our chair.  I scoured the net looking for just the right classic chair in a neutral color.  I wasn’t up for spending more than $400… Matt and I went to World Market where we found this one for around $330 – but was on sale for $250!  BUT… it was sold out and discontinued. However, they offered us the floor model for $150 (we negotiated that down slightly)and I had a 20% off coupon so we got this bad boy for just over $100!  That’s a steal!  The ottoman I found at Target, also on sale from $100 to $60!


Those are the little updates that have been done in this room.  We have a bigger project in store and I’ll share a little about that one too… It will take several weekends but I’m super excited about it.  There is the weird pass thru from the kitchen to the living room.  I don’t get it and I do NOT like it.  Like I mentioned above, our bottom floor is open concept.  This is literally one of the only walls so I’m not sure whey they put a hole in it… lol  It serves no purpose – just looks dumb.  It would have been perfectly fine as a whole wall – the kitchen will still be VERY open to the living space.

Realtor Pic:


Current Pic and what we plan to do:


Some of my inspiration:


Sources: 1  2  3 

Here’s a photoshopped mock-up.  Ours will look will be very similar.  Same type of lights and cabinets below.


Will be fun, but will take some effort.  More to come! 🙂


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