Movie Review: Focus


The stars randomly aligned this week and I was able to get in a midweek date night with Matt.  My previous plans were canceled due to this crazy weather so it enabled us to attend the screening of Focus – Will Smith’s latest flick.  This movie has been on my radar cause, well, who doesn’t love Will Smith?  And also, that Margot Robbie is hot.  Js.

Will Smith plays Nicky, a seasoned con artist with lots of experience and “jobs” under his belt.  Margot Robbie plays Jess, the novice wannabe con girl that needs Nicky to teach her the ropes.  He does… for a little while… and then he says goodbye – seemingly breaking both of their hearts.  A few years later they meet up again and from that point on you won’t know who is conning who – and trust me, there are several characters with various agendas and different levels of deceptions happening.

While the premise of this movie is an old one, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have it all figured out by the end.  When the movie was over, I told Matt my overall opinion was that it was very “Oceans 11 with a lot of raunchiness thrown in”.   There are some great one liners (inappropriate as they may have been I was seriously laughing out loud) and the wit and fast pace was great too.

All in all, great movie for some laughs and entertainment.  It’s not for the young ones – it earns it’s R rating for dirty language and low down shady behavior – but I enjoyed it!


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