A road trip with my girl #FourteenAndForty Part 1


Cady and I recently headed out on a mother/daughter road trip over spring break.  We needed some time to get away and reconnect – being a teenage girl is hard… being the mother of one is harder.  Ha!

We only had a few objectives for our spring breakation:

1. go visit our friend’s baby (I wish we could see him every day!)

2. Walk on the beach

3. Antique & thrift shop

4. Laugh

*ding ding ding* we did all four and had a great time.

I’m not sure I can fit all 4 days of our adventure into one post so I’ll split it up.

Day 1:  We got up early and headed out.  Houston would be our first destination, but not before grabbing road snacks.


Doesn’t everyone get coke & peanuts and funyuns for road trips?  If you don’t, you need to start.  We drove south for a couple hours and then stopped for lunch at a diner… because I guess we were hungry again?  We did a lot of eating on our trip…


Turkey and dressing was the special of the day…in March.  It was tasty, but the chocolate sheet cake was even better.

After lunch we were back on the road and listening to our #fourteenandforty road trip playlists (I made a playlist of my favorite songs from 9th grade/when I was 14).


That’s a pic of a few of the songs from my playlist… Want a pic of Cady’s?  No need.  It was ALL Taylor Swift!  Every single song.  It was fun telling Cady all of my memories from each of the songs.  The shock of Milli Vanilli’s fakeness… My first slow dance to the Bangles… writing every single word of ice ice baby down in my spiral so me and my friends could memorize it.  I thought it was awesome that I still knew almost every single word to those songs – I’m not sure Cady thought it was as cool as I did.  I told her that when she is forty she will listen to the songs she loves now and have all sorts of fun memories.  I’m hoping this road trip will be one of them.

More miles… and more hunger…


So I ate this miniature Snicker bar.  Moving on.

We finally made it to Houston so we could hug and squeeze on the Ellisor family.  We loved hanging out with them at their home and catching up.  Then, what else?  more eating.


^ That baby though! I love him!  They took us to a local Mexican restaurant and it was yummy.  After dinner we found a Target (Cady and I love going to target…) where we picked up snacks (gah!) and magazines and nail polish and then checked into our swanky downtown hotel – with our overfilled plastic target bags cause we keep it classy like that.


Day 2:

We stayed downtown because our friends live there and we planned on exploring the next day.  This was a good plan except that we didn’t realize there was actually NO parking.. anywhere.  Like we had to valet our SUV at the hotel (at $30 a night).  I get that parking is limited downtown (it is here in Dallas as well) but wow!  So we had to do a lot more walking then we had originally planned.  And it was kind of drizzly outside, but we still had a blast.


Brunch at Toasters:


It was so goooood! Chocolate Chip Belgium waffles, eggs, bacon, homemade hash browns, buttered Texas grits, biscuits & gravy.  Sweet Jesus.  Perfect for a rainy day!

Next up was driving to Galveston Island for some beach time.  We rolled in late that afternoon and so did the fog.  Record breaking misty fog!  Everyone was talking about it.  We stayed at a hotel on the beach with a beach view and could BARELY see the water outside our window.


Look at that crazy fog?  It was spooky and cozy and kinda amazing all at the same time.  I texted Matt and told him it made me want to drink hot tea and write novels.


We ate fried shrimp, shrimp pasta, shrimp scampi and shrimp taquitos at a local restaurant (does that make you think of Forrest Gump?  It was actually a shrimp platter but still…) and it was divine.  Afterwards we shopped for souvenirs (for MIlo…) bought t-shirts (you have to…) and goofed on the beach.


^ I stole that pic from Cady’s twitter – proof that she was having a good time!


We knew it was going to rain quite a bit while on our trip so we were prepared.  Rain jackets, umbrellas and rain boots were used quite a bit.  We didn’t get to lay out and get tans like some people on their spring breaks, but we found a new appreciation for thick fog, quiet rains and cooler temps.

We closed out day 2 of our trip doing our own mani/pedis, eating chocolate and watching Lost.


I’ll post about the rest of our trip later.  It really was a great time, and I felt so blessed to be able to spend time with my teenager and not argue.  That may have ended an hour after we got home but still..

To be continued!


2 thoughts on “A road trip with my girl #FourteenAndForty Part 1

  1. Danielle

    This looks awesome! It looks like you both made some great memories. I hope I can do something like that with my daughter when she’s older…if she’ll let me. =)


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