A road trip with my girl #FourteenAndForty Part 2

So I left you off with Cady and I vedging in our beach hotel watching Lost – because what else are you going to watch while you are at the beach? duh.

Day 3:

When we woke to see the sunrise (out our window…), I was overjoyed to see clear skies and the actual horizon!  Look at the difference a day makes!


We opened our window and listened to the ocean and then headed out for a run walk on the beach.


Seriously, standing next to the ocean is such a wonderful feeling.  It never gets old.  Okay, maybe it would get old if I lived there, but I don’t so…  I love it!  After a walk and then grabbing breakfast, we headed back to our hotel to get dressed and then back out for a hike on a rocky section of the coast before leaving the island.


We took tons of pics (all with our iPhones… we actually brought the nice camera but never got it out because I was afraid it would get wet).  I really like this one of Cady:



It was all fun and games until this happened…



We set the timer on my phone to take a pic but we weren’t very successful.


Barely got the beach in there. 🙂  After our hike (and me getting splashed), we loaded up and headed out to our next destination.  On the way we stopped at this little school in College Station.


Well, little might not be true.  A&M has a beautiful campus.  It was fun to tour and we may have sent a few pics to Gage (LSU and A&M are rivals).  After leaving the campus we stopped off only for a few minutes in Hearne, TX.  That’s where my paternal grandparents are from.  I spent summers and holidays there as a kid – we even lived there for a short stint after my parents divorced.  Cady & I drove through their old neighborhood (they passed when I was a teenager) and I was horrified at the state of it.  It looked like a place people would go to do mission work.  Awful.  Animals roaming freely, roofs falling in on houses people actually lived in, trash everywhere.  It made me sad and I got a huge knot in my throat so I told Cady that I’m going to choose to remember it the way is used to be.

We made it to central Texas by evening and settled into our bed & breakfast.


This last leg of our trip was probably our favorite.

Cady was in love with the whole B&B thing… She had no idea what they were.  We looked up a few online and settled on this one.  This one has several small cabins/houses on the property and a main house that also has rooms.  You have your breakfast in the main house and can also just go there to hang out, get a movie out of the library, sit on the porch and drink coffee or wine or whatever you want.  Here’s a few pics of our little house we stayed in – yes, this is the one Cady picked.  I wanted a traditional B&B with like old fashioned furniture and stuff… I think this one sufficed.


Anyway, we loved it.  That tub was crazy… Seriously, you could swim in it.  We elected to use the shower (not pictured) but still… And you can’t really tell but there is an old Victorian chair in the bathroom too! HA!  Cady’s favorite part of our room was the antique armoire… when you opened it, it was a little kitchenette.  It has a sink, and fridge and microwave and coffee maker.  It was so cute.  We had our own porch and picnic area and even a couple of country cats that wanted to hang out with us.  We were definitely OUT IN THE COUNTRY and it was quiet and peaceful.

We drove into town for dinner (and we had seafood oddly enough – I guess we were missing the beach).


My, my that pic makes me hungry… lobster and rice and baked potato? drool…  After dinner we came back to our room and snuggled on the couch for Fixer Upper and reading.  The next morning we got up for breakfast in the main house.  It was so fun meeting all the other people staying there.  And the breakfast was SO good.  The owner prides himself on his breakfast abilities and he did not disappoint.

After breakfast I finished another (or maybe two more…) cup of coffee and enjoyed the view.  There were deer and birds and it was just peaceful.


Cady hung out with those dang cats again…


I took this one of her before we headed out for the day.  This cat’s name was Donkey.  LOL.  the B&B owners had all sorts of stories about these cats and their mischievousness.


And did you see that I mentioned Fixer Upper earlier?  It’s a show on HGTV that takes place in Waco, TX.  I love it!  Well, once we left our B&B we headed over to Waco and visited Magnolia.  It is the store of the couple that is on Fixer Upper.


We didn’t buy anything in there.  It was SMALL and CROWDED!  We did hit up several vintage shops and other fun stores.  Waco has a place called Spice Village that has all sorts of fun shops and homemade and antique stuff.  Cady found a bunch of Baylor stuff that she wanted to buy but I told her she had to choose just ONE shirt…  She loves Baylor. 😉


I snapped this pic to send to Matt because Cady kept asking “Which is your favorite?”…”Which should I pick?”  She can be a *little* indecisive some times!  Next up was lunch at a quaint tea room that we had heard great things about.


Such a fun place!  It was totally full and all women!  We had fancy sandwiches and cold pasta and water and lemonade.  So cute.  Once we finished lunch we had to head over to Baylor where we were scheduled for a tour.


We walked the campus and took in all the major stops.  Cady has been to camp at Baylor in the past so she knew her way around better than the average prospective student.  We also visited the bear habitat…


And Cady did a little yoga…


When we finished up the tour, the day was coming to an end and we headed home.  Thankfully we only live about an hour and a half from Baylor so we were home before dark.  It was such a great way to spend our spring break.  We were tired but excited to sleep in our own beds and eat from our own kitchen and chill on our own couches.  We had lots of funny stories to share with Matt and Milo and all sorts of treasures we had picked up along the way.

Now if I can just get organized enough to get all these photos and blurbs into a shutterfly book we’ll have a sweet memento to keep forever.


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