An Easter Bouquet…of socks! Great runner’s gift :)

easter socks2

Cady is a runner.  She loves track.  We all love to be outside running, walking or cycling but Cady takes it to another level.  She gets up every day and runs for an hour before school and also most days AFTER school.  She’s committed…  For Easter I generally get the kids & Matt something small.  A nice new shirt for the boys, a cute top for Cady and myself – just depends.  Well this year I decided to find something Cady really needs.  I know with the warmer temps she will appreciate some new running clothes – and they are super springy colors!  I picked up a 6 pack of Nike running socks and a Nike running tank online (she’s a Nike snob).  At first I was going to arrange them all like eggs in a basket but the more I thought about it, the more I thought a bouquet would be fun!  She’s also been wanting one of those vintage mason jar drinking glasses with the top and straw so when I saw those on clearance at Hobby Lobby, I knew it would make the perfect vase.  So here is a super easy DIY if you ever decide to make a sock bouquet.  It would be perfect for a runner for their birthday, valentines, etc.  Also great for a man for a gift or Father’s day with some nice men’s socks.

Gather your supplies.  You’ll need socks, thin wooden sticks/dowels (I got a pack of 25 for a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby), safety pins and a “vase” of some sort.  I was thinking a coffee cup with men’s socks would be so cute for Father’s Day or for a grandparent.

easter socks Collage1

Start rolling your socks.  I took a few pics but it is easy.  Just roll the sock around the end of the stick and safety pin in place.  I trimmed my sticks with a pair of scissors – depending on the size of your vase you may not have to do that part.

easter sock Collage2

You could do socks only but I wanted to add a tank to Cady’s so I just followed the same process with that.

easter socks3

I then took the drinking jar apart and threaded a ribbon thru the hole of the top.  I arranged my sock flowers and tank and tucked the straw in the back.

easter socks 4

easter socks5

Tie your ribbon around the top and voila – your done!  You could probably skip the ribbon but I liked how it looked and needed a way to keep the lid with the arrangement.

easter socks6

easter socks7

You can leave the lid in back or pull it around to the front a little.  Whatever you like!

easter socks1

I hope she loves it!  Easter goodies don’t always have to be about candy and colored eggs – although I kinda like those too. 😉  Happy Easter!

easter socks2


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