An Update on the Ghost novel…

After speaking with a few agents and getting similar feedback from a couple of them I’ve decided not to pursue publishing Ghosts that We Knew at this time….  I just can’t bring myself to change some of the things I love most about the story to make it more commercial (and I don’t want to go the self publishing route).  It was the first novel that I finished (note I did not say started… ha!) and I think there is something special about your first completed manuscript.  Most authors agree that the first novel they wrote is rarely published.  Most are dreadfully embarrassed by the writing, etc because let’s face it, we all get better with practice!  So for the sake of prosperity, I have decided to just publish several chapters here…if you’d like to read the rest of the story, I’m happy to send you a copy.  My plan is to put a chapter in once a week or so.  Meanwhile, I am still moving forward with the plan to secure representation and hopefully publish my second novel (The Healing Solution).  I am also well into writing my third novel (Robin’s Imperfect Nest).  I hope you enjoy the story!

Ghosts Cover


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