Spring Updates

I was asking Matt last night if it was a sign of getting old that I REALLY notice and appreciate the change of seasons now.  He said he hasn’t noticed more than normal as he has gotten older and we all know Matt is OLDER than me so I guess my theory is wrong.  Anyhoo, I am especially noticing springtime this year.  It may be because I have been going for more walks on our neighborhood trails and you can’t help but notice the bright green buds popping up and the blossoms on every limb.  (And-plus-also everyone in our family is really struggling with allergies but that’s not real positive so I’ll concentrate on the fun part of spring!).  My two favorite new things in my breakfast area:

1.  This vintage scale that Matt bought me for Easter (he won it in an online auction).  After cleaning it with a magic eraser, it’s in almost perfect condition!



Right now there are Easter jelly beans in that bowl on top. Once they are all eaten, I’ll probably put some lemons or oranges in there. I love it!

2. This hand-lettered verse that Gage’s girlfriend Alyssa drew for me while here on Spring Break!  I’ve said it before, she is super talented and this is just perfect in our breakfast nook.


In other news, this past weekend we spent a whole day doing some spring maintenance in our backyard. We trimmed trees, re-mulched the flowerbeds, planted flowers.



And finished our vertical garden!


Matt has been working on it for the last couple of weekends and we finally bought our seedlings and planted them!


The top row is strawberries, the middle row is tomatoes and the bottom row is a combination of peppers, cantaloupe & squash.  I’m so excited for these little plants to grow!  The only downer is that since the middle of last night we have been getting heavy rain…torrential rains.  I hope all of our newly planted flowers/garden don’t float away.


You can tell these two are not thrilled with the flooded backyard and prefer the springy warm days!  I know the sweltering summer will be here before we know it though, so I’m content with whatever the weather decides to do. 😉


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