DIY Tree Swing


Friends – I have always wanted a tree swing!  Like Seriously!  I had a swing SET when I was a kid, not an old fashioned tree swing.  I’m not sure why.  I know we had big trees in our yard growing up…  Probably because it was a thing to have those swing sets that rusted out after a while and threatened to give us all tetanus at any time.  They were fun though, we’d swing so high that the legs would come out of the ground! ha!  Good memories.

Anyway, ever since my kids have been little, we’ve never lived in a house that had a big enough tree for a tree swing.  I blame that on living in a big city/suburbs where mature trees are pretty much nonexistent…. until we bought this house last year.  When I saw the big tree in our yard I just KNEW we’d have a swing there some day.  And finally, Matt made it a reality.  This is a SUPER easy project if you have just a little bit of carpentry skills.  You’ll need:

  • rope that will hold more weight than the heaviest person that will be on your swing.  We needed 40 feet because our branch was pretty high.  You’ll need to cut it into 2 pieces for each “side” of the swing that will tie on to your branch, and then 2 more pieces that will secure the board of the swing to the “sides”.
  • 2 carabiners (these will be used to attach ropes that connect board to ropes that hang on tree)
  • board (cut to the size you want – we did 24 inches)

After you figure out how long the sides of your swing will need to be, cut and throw one side over branch.  Use a slip know to secure into place.  I know this looks like it could fall, but trust me, we tried it out and pulled and pulled.  It’s been through a lot of rain and wind and these knots/ropes aren’t going anywhere!


Next you’ll knot the ends of your side ropes through the carabiners.


Cut two additional pieces of rope to lace through holes you drill into your swing.


Knot on the bottom. FYI – the tape is there just to keep the ends from unraveling as we were threading it through the swing and making necessary knots.  We’ll remove it at some point.


Feed the loop through the carabiners.


That’s it!  Test it out – your rope may give a little and you may have to adjust the ropes that hold the board up and down until you get it just right.  Just for reference the knots are here:


This project didn’t even take an hour to complete, but we will get years of enjoyment out of it.

P.S. I didn’t really take pics as we were building it.  It’s so easy you can look at these photos and figure it out.  I snapped the ones above once we were done.  And for no other reason than it’s adorable, this one is my favorite.


I hope you take time to swing sometime soon – you are Never too old.  I’m headed out there now!


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