Life Lately – June 2015 Edition

Wow, sorry for the silence lately.  Life got a little crazy over the last few weeks!  All good stuff, but LOTS to say the least.  We’ve celebrated all 3 kids birthdays (yes, my kids all have birthdays within a 2 week time frame).

We started with Gage.  He turned the big 2-1!  Legal now! ha!  He doesn’t drink much, but it’s still a big deal. I told him it’s the last big deal birthday until 30 so suck it up.  He spent his actual birthday with friends in the mountains of Utah (his birthday present from us).


He flew home the day after his birthday and stayed for a couple of weeks.


Birthday dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant.

Hanging at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament - Gage's first year to go with us.

Hanging at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament – Gage’s first year to go with us.

Next birthday up with this girl… She turned 15!  I can’t believe how fast these kids grow up!


We celebrated at her favorite Chinese restaurant… (Her big present is also a trip to the mountains, but she doesn’t leave until July.)


School also ended on the 5th – which could not have come sooner.  We were all so burned out.  Cady made it thru finals and end of year and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t done anything educational since! ha!  And I’m totally okay with that.

Next up was Milo’s birthday.  My sweet 3 year old is no longer a baby…


I took him to a farm for his birthday to pick blackberries – it was a blast and a trip to the country was nice (and a little hot…)



And of course he also got to pick a chocolate, chocolate & chocolate cupcake from the grocery store.




Birthday Money from Grandma!

And of course we’ve enjoyed lots of nice weather, pool time, yummy meals and – thanks to Gage and Alyssa – quite a bit of hipster beer. ha!




The banana bread beer was actually kinda tasty!


Cheers to summer!  We are looking forward to more of the same – blue skies, sunny days, vacations and family!

A pic from our farm visit this week... Amazing.

A pic from our farm visit this week… Amazing.

I’ll be back later this week to blog about some of the big projects we’ve got going on around the house.  The living room built-ins are done, we are doing a room makeover and lots of other small projects.  And I know I’m behind on posting Ghosts That We Knew chapters – I’ll catch up soon… I promise!


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