The Living Room Built-in!

A few weeks ago we had some pretty serious flooding in Dallas.  It rained more in May than it did all of last year and we broke an ALL-TIME record for rainfall – like the most EVER! crazy… So anyway, Matt, Gage and myself were sitting around (again) watching movies (again) and bored (again).  Matt was so bored he was like “maybe we could rearrange the furniture or something?”  See, friends, that means he was off the charts bored! haha  So when he suggested that I said “Hey! We can start on our built-in shelves!”  You know, the ones we’ve been saying we were going to build for months…  I first mentioned them back in this post.  I shared the current situation:


and a photoshopped pic of what I had in mind…(I drew inspiration from Thrifty Décor Chick’s blog! She’s fantastic!)


And here they are in real life!


I love them.  Matt did a fantastic job!  Here are some “in  progress” pic.


First pic is when we first started – we had done all the measuring, removed trim and started placing boards.  Second pic is after we had closed in the pass-thru, tested out the light placing, and started on the internal shelves.  Third pic is after one coat of primer.  It took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

All done!  Initially I was going to put crown molding on the top and bottom, but we are undecided now.  I like the modern look of the straight edges, I may change my mind later.  It took us only a few days of working for a couple hours here and there to do the whole thing!



I love the horizontal planks on the upper three shelves! So cottage-y! And those lights! They are outdoor patio lights! Way cheaper than the regular “art” lights and a little more rustic.

The styling may not be permanent.  I need to let it sink in for a while and I’ll add/edit things as they speak to me! 😉 For now, I’m loving them SO MUCH!  And the extra storage for all of Milo’s tiny toys on the bottom shelf is way nice too.



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