A craft from Cady and a mini tour of her room

I thought I’d post this simple but cute DIY tissue paper/tassel garland that Cady did last week.  You can find these everywhere online for 20-30 bucks.  No thank you, they are easy and fun to make!  I also took a few pics of her room because it is RARELY clean!


Here are the steps.


1. Gather supplies: A few packs of tissue paper, scissors, thick string to lace your pom-poms through.  Cady chose colors that coordinated with her room, but you could use colors for a party, nursery, etc.  We also found some gold string on clearance at Hobby Lobby – that was sort of the determining factor, it was cheap.  Embroidery string would also work great.

2. Start with a single piece of tissue paper. Fold it in half.

3. Fold in half again.

4. Fold in half again.  I put arrows on the above graphic to show which direction to fold.

5. & 6. Cut strips into the paper leaving about an inch at the top.

7. Unfold the paper and cut in half.  This will give you 2 pom-poms. Put one aside.

8. Unfold pom-pom and start to roll from bottom.  Be sure to keep your “streamers” relatively untangled on the sides.

9. Once your pom-pom is rolled up start twisting that middle section.  Twist tight.

10. & 11. Twist your section over on itself until it form sort of a loop.

12. Repeat steps above until you have desired number of pom-poms.  Lace your pom-poms onto your string and hang!


Voila! So cute and trendy and takes less than a half hour and costs less than $5.

And as a bonus – here is a mini tour of Cady’s room.


I knew when I looked at this house that this was a great room for Cady.  It’s the size of a master and has a beautiful bay window and nice blond wood floors.


She has done a nice job adding her personal touches but still keeping it not “kiddy”.  Ya know?


I’d love to have a nice built-in bench at that bay window but for now that little couch folds into a full size bed for friends and company.


So now, go make a fun tissue garland for your house!  It would be a fun craft for any party, shower or even holidays.


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