A camping trip in the Ozarks!


Hiking Goggins Mountain Trail

Last week Matt, Milo and myself headed out on a 7 state road trip – Gage and Cady were vacationing at a resort in the Dominican Republic so don’t feel bad that they missed out.  We’ve already decided we’ll be going back next year and they’ll for sure be in tow.  We knew by the end of the week we’d end up in Matt’s home state of Missouri for the 4th of July to visit family, but for the few days before we decided we’d do a little camping.  I’ve never camped in the Ozarks and Matt didn’t want to visit the Arkansas section (he has been there many times…) so after a bit of research I decided on the Mark Twain National Forest in the Missouri Ozarks.  We settled on Johnson’s Shut-in State Park and we were not disappointed.  Our cabin was fantastic.  We spent time rocking on the front porch, exploring the surrounding areas and grilling on the “patio”.

A porch perfect for playing cars and panting dogs.

A porch perfect for playing cars and panting dogs.


And also rocking and having coffee.


That view!




There was a small pond outside our cabin as well.  Milo and Syd and I walked around exploring it and there were even a few people fishing in it on the first day we arrived.  You can barely see the cabins nestled in the woods along the sides.


When we weren’t at the cabin we were out hiking!  Photos cannot capture the beauty of the area.


Shut-ins Trail

Shut-ins Trail


Can you spot the Milo?

Can you spot the Milo? (Horseshoe Trail)


Horseshoe Glade Trail

Goggins Mountain

Goggins Mountain Trail

We took a LOT of selfies...

We took a LOT of selfies…

And because we loved the actual “shut-ins” area, we went back there a couple times.




Matt was obsessed with the perfectly clear chilly water.  I think he’d live in it if he could.


All in all it was a beautiful place and perfect to spend a few days.  After leaving Mark Twain National Park we headed to SE Missouri to hang out with Matt’s family for a few days.  I’ll get a post up about that soon.


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