Our “new” bedroom armoire

I mentioned in the last post that we are in the process of switching some furniture around upstairs to get our guest bedroom ready to become Gage’s room.  The guest room and guest room closet is sort of a catch-all for furniture that didn’t have a spot in the rest of the house but we didn’t want it in the garage.  That’s why this giant TV cabinet was in there.  It’s a nice piece although ever since we moved to flat screen TV’s years ago it’s been repurposed for other things.  For a long time it was in Milo’s nursery in our old house for storage.


OMG I just dug thru my Instagram to find a few pics of the armoire when it was in Milo’s nursery (this was all I could find) and now I’m blubbering because my baby used to be so small!  Waaaaah!  Moving on…  We used it for diaper storage and Matt put additional shelves in it for his books, extra clothes, etc.  It worked well.  When we moved into this house he transitioned to more of a big boy room and the armoire was relegated to the guest room.


Honestly it was perfect in there.  I’ve used it for linens and other storage items.  But like I said, the room is very sweet and cute and not something Gage would choose for himself.  Plus he needs an actual set of chest of drawers so I decided to move this piece to our room.  Of course not before I ordered some of those nifty furniture movers last week.  Matt and I moved this beast up the stairs and across the second floor by OURSELVES.  We *almost* died.  So this time I ordered some of those furniture sliders and the move to our room was WAY easier.  Here it is in our room:


I guess Matt had already removed the top set of knobs.  I decided on Miss Mustard Seeds Milk paint in Artissimo.  It’s a dark navy – even darker if you use the antique wax (which I did). Here are some examples of the color since the lighting in our bedroom isn’t great:


From here and here.

I spent part of Saturday morning working on it and then finished it up on Sunday afternoon.  I lightly sanded the piece then filled in the holes where the old knobs were.  Then two coats of artissimo and then antique wax.


The new pulls are from home depot.  I found some relatively cheap silver ones for a little over $2 and then spray painted them the same gold as the lamp. Gold bar pulls are EXPENSIVE I found several online that I loved and they were like $40 a piece! what?!  We used the same hinges, I just sanded them a bit to make them more shiny.



And if you are wondering how we have this much space to have an armoire and rocker at one end of our master bedroom, here’s a peek at the other side.


So we still have tons of room in there.  crazy.  Hopefully I can get a post up about the guest room progress soon. I’ve redone the desk that was in there – it started as Gage’s desk when he was a little boy, then Cady inherited it and we painted it tiffany blue.  When she got new furniture it ended up in the guest room and Matt used to use it when he worked from home.  Matt and I also built a custom wooden valance for the windows.  I bought a new quilt for the bed… We’ve hung new artwork… I think I just need to decide what I want to do with the headboard and side table that is in there.  More to come!


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