Desk refresh

Moving along to the next project in the guest room/Gage’s room.  I mentioned before that we purchased this desk a million years ago (just kidding, Gage was a little tho so it feels like a long time ago but like yesterday in some ways too…).  Gage had it until he was a teen and then Cady inherited it.  She had a lime green room back then and wanted a Tiffany blue desk so we painted it for her.  When she got her new bedroom suit last year I had originally planned on giving the desk to Milo – kinda fun that all kids would use it.  We ended up doing a built-in desk/shelf combo in his room but I couldn’t part with this little desk, so much like the armoire, it went to the guest room.  It worked well though  because Matt would work in there from time to time.  The guest room is so was a good set up when he needed it for phone interviews, etc.


It was a bit girly, but who cares, right?  heehee

I figure that Gage will need a desk when he’s here since he’s in GRAD school.  He does have a desk at his apartment now but all his furniture is going into storage.  It will just be easier to leave everything packed up for when he’s ready to get his own place again.  AND – we don’t exactly have room for a bunch of extra furniture.  I think the only thing he IS bringing is his rice cooker. ha! We need it to make our favorite fried rice!  And maybe his TV, but that’s about it beyond clothes.

First step was to strip off the old paint…then sand…then paint it trophy gray…then wax the finish.


So much better!


Comparison. It’s a tight space to try and get a decent pic.


A couple of shots of the finish – I was going for an old worn look.



The only thing I had to purchase was the paint and that desk lamp from ikea – 19.99.  The chair we’ve had and even the knobs are leftover from another project.  Yes, we are always on a budget… lol


Next up I’ll tell y’all about the custom valance Matt built…And I’m going to work on the headboard this weekend.  We made another trip to ikea this week because we had to buy an art frame and we also picked up a Hemnes 3 drawer dresser to go in the spot the armoire used to be.  $129!  Great price.  As soon as it’s in the room and all put together I’ll get some pics of it added as well.


Almost done!


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