Custom wooden valance

This is how the window in the guest room looked when we started…


I didn’t mind the white sheers because they let in a lot of light.  I like how this room sort of feels like a tree house when you look out the window.  It’s why I love taking naps in there!

Here’s another shot:


I’ve had those sheers for a million years and the rod came with the house.  I did spray paint it silver to match the room better but I never painted the hardware that attached to the wall.  LOL  If you look closely you can still see the black pieces.

I wanted something really simple in this room because like I said, I love the light.  I decided to go with a wooden valance.


And look!  A sneak at the room.  It’s *almost* done.


It was an easy, inexpensive project and I like how it turned out.  Simple and a little rustic – perfect for the look I’m going for in the room.


Here’s how we did it…


1 & 2. went to home depot and bought a 1x12x8 (I think that’s the right order…).  It’s 8 feet long and 12″ wide.  We already had some scrap 2x4s in the garage.  I cut those to match the width of the long board.

3. I also bought these metal fence things at home depot:


They were around 50 cents so I spent $2.  I wanted gate hardware to put on the sides of the valance but each of those was 5 bucks!  for the small ones!  It would have been $20…  Here is what I originally wanted…


4. I painted the little silver metal things black with leftover spray paint in our garage.

Steps 5 – 8:  I used the same paint as the desk (Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in trophy) then added a coat of antique wax.

Next up was installation.  Matt had to help with that.


First we used screws to attach the 2 2×4 pieces to a stud in the wall – I only painted the edges because they would be under the main board.  Then we screwed the long board on top.  Then he attached the metal accent pieces (they actually serve no purpose, I just like the way a little hardware looks…).


Also, Matt drilled pilot holes for everything and used deck screws.  I guess that’s the best way, I don’t know much about all that.  And plus also again, I took a selfie during all that cause I had just gotten my hair cut. lol!


That’s it!

Here’s a pic with some light…


The room is pretty much done…


All we need is our bubba!  Which by the way – we are headed to his graduation in south Louisiana next week.  We are making a mini vacation of it and staying in new Orleans for a few days.  I’ve been many times and enjoy the culture and food.  Matt has never been.  Well… we just finished watching season one of True Detective. Season 1 takes place in south Louisiana…ugh.  The show (while phenomenal) is so depressing and dark, really dark.  I need to read something fun and bright about new Orleans before we visit because right now I’m thinking the whole area is nothing but a voodoo haven of debauchery and evil people. geez.


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