A trip to South Louisiana – Gage’s college graduation!

Remember last week when I said I’d have pics up of the makeover in the guest room to Gage’s room?  Well, we finished everything on Sunday and I planned to take pics on Monday.  But guess what?  Gage surprised us and drove up early!  With a car load of his stuff…  We had originally planned to just meet him in Baton Rouge before his graduation and then caravan back with a u-haul.  But he finished school more than a week before graduation and had nothing to do so he came home!

Trying on "the robe"

Trying on “the robe”

That’s great, but unfortunately I did not get any photos of the room all finished and pretty.  It’s full of his college stuff now and we are trying to find spots for everything.  Anyway – moving on to the point of this post.  Last week we headed down to South Louisiana for a few days to celebrate Gage and his latest accomplishment.  I lived in Louisiana for years, so I’m familiar with the area but Matt and Cady had never been!  We drove the 7 hours to Baton Rouge all packed in the car.


The drive wasn’t too bad.  We switched places a few times and stopped often.  We arrived in BR Thursday afternoon and checked into our hotel.  It was RIGHT on the Mississippi river and so nice (L’auberge).  Milo loved the window!


The price was reasonable (we were there during the week) and it had several nice amenities (rooftop pool/bar, TV’s in the mirror, huge walk in rain shower…).  We met a bunch of family for dinner and then the next morning headed to graduation!


I was SO proud!  Big name on the screen up there!




After all the graduation celebrating and lunch after, we got on the road to New Orleans.  It’s about 1.5 hours away… We checked into our hotel and then immediately headed out to explore.  Our hotel was right in the heart of the French Quarter so we were able to walk everywhere!


Riverfront… I love this pic because you can see Gage, Cady & Matt sitting on the wall in the background.

It was SO hot and humid!  In most of our pics we are a little sweaty…



Hanging on Magazine Street!


Alyssa drove down that night (she also graduated!) and we all headed out to dinner at a little restaurant called Liuzza’s.  It’s a total dive (like the kind of place that only takes cash) but the food was YUMMY and authentic!  We had gumbo and po’boys and shrimp and red beans and rice – the whole gamut of Cajun food.  And Matt taught Cady how to use a juke box.


The next morning we were up pretty early because…well…Milo gets up early.  Matt claimed our room didn’t have black out curtains (Milo always sleeps with blackout curtains or he’ll be up at dawn…).  The room DID have black out curtains but it was too late at that point.  Luckily the big kids were in their own room.


We got dressed and decided to forego the $15 hotel breakfast buffet and instead found a small local grocer where we could get breakfast bars and snacks.

fun artsy pic of us walking around early that morning.

fun artsy pic of us walking around early that morning.

Once the big kids were up – and I was adequately caffeinated – we grabbed a bus (the street cars were under construction) and headed to the Garden District.  I had really been looking forward to riding the streetcar, but it was ok.  Milo loved the bus, plus it had AC!


We walked the aisles of Lafayette Cemetery.  It’s an odd feeling being around all those above ground century old graves.  Creepy a bit…


We were pretty drenched in sweat by this time so we found a small café and grabbed lunch.  After lunch we did a little antiquing.  Again, enjoying some much needed AC.


After naps (Milo…ok, all of us…) we ventured over to Bourbon Street.



We saw/heard/smelled more than we ever needed to… LOTS of drunk people… Lots of stench… and maybe even some bewbs. hahahaha  I think Bourbon Street is something to be experienced but it is certainly not the pretty part of N.O.  We grabbed a few hurricanes and made our way to a few different streets.

This is more like the pretty N.O. that I like.

This is more like the pretty N.O. that I like.


Jackson Square

That evening Cady babysat Milo so that Matt, Gage, Alyssa and I could have a late dinner at a yummy restaurant called Domenica at the Roosevelt hotel.  The next morning we were up early to try and get a spot at Café Du Monde.  You HAVE to go when you are a tourist in the Big Easy.


I'm sure Cady appreciates me taking this pic of her with her mouth full!

I’m sure Cady appreciates me taking this pic of her with her mouth full!

After breakfast, we packed up, said good bye to Alyssa (she’s staying in S. Louisiana for her grad work and internship) and drove the long road home.  It was a great trip and we are so proud of Gage.  I’m looking forward to having him home for the next year!


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