Life Lately

I will admit to being in a bit of a funk lately.  When we were in New Orleans I received an email notifying me that I had been selected as a finalist (top 3) for a writing contest that I had entered.  I was so excited.  They followed up with documents that I needed to fill out including tax forms and an author bio and an author pic and everything.  Then a few days later I got an email that said I had not won and “thanks for entering.”  Booo.  I was so upset.  I don’t even know why.  I whined and cried to Matt that I don’t want to write anymore because the rejection all the time is SO frustrating!  And obviously he told me what EVERY successful writer says…  “you will get SOOOOO many rejections but you can’t give up.”  whatever.  I’m still all grouchy about it.

Here is what we’ve been up to since coming home from our N.O. trip.

Grocery shopping… Now that Gage is living back at home, we expect our grocery bill to go up.  That kid is skinny but he can pack it away.  When he was a teenager and his friends would come over they would eat every crumb out of the kitchen.  And I was right.  We budget 175 – 190 a week for groceries, our last bill was 273!!  However, it is nice having someone to go grocery shopping with me now.  I can’t stand grocery shopping so Matt usually goes with me on the weekends but Gage actually LIKES going so I have a new grocery shopping friend!

totally took that bottom one because we are never at Walmart when it is totally organized like that!  everything was completely stocked. I guess it pays to go in the middle of the day in the middle of the week!

totally took that bottom one because we are never at Walmart when it is totally organized like that! everything was completely stocked. I guess it pays to go in the middle of the day in the middle of the week!

Playing games and watching lots of movies!  By the way, maybe I’ll post about this later but we have been tweaking our game room/media room over the last couple of weeks.  We are building out a concession stand in there for popcorn & candy & sodas!  It will be cute when it’s all done!



I took the big kids school shopping… No pics of them but I did snap this pic of Milo cause he was obsessed with these silver mannequins.  He just couldn’t get over them.


We organized all the Legos and I’m proud to say they are still all in their spots even though they have been played with almost daily.




Gage started his internship and grad school!



And his internship job gave him a MAC and he is using it… which is sorta like pigs flying because Gage is a die hard WINDOWS person!


Our garage door broke and we had to buy a new one.  It cost us over a grand.  It sucked real bad.


it does look nice though. we went with a darker color so it would stand out a bit. But still… we were not planning on spending that money on a stupid garage door.

I took Milo on a playdate with some church friends to Play Street Museum.  It’s the coolest cutest little place.  It’s a miniature town and the kids can hang out there and play, clean, work, anything you could do in real life. Milo rode a scooter around, built a cabin, did some artwork, fished, played cashier, mopped a floor, all sorts of stuff…


And finally this past weekend, Gage road tripped to LA to see Alyssa so he was gone.  Matt, Cady, Milo and myself headed downtown to the art district to a Dallas Museum of Art event.  They had lots of family activities (art activities, live bands, free admission, guided tours, yoga…)  It was a blast.



We even hit up the food trucks…


So that’s just a little of what we’ve been up to…  We have a few house projects underway but nothing major…  mostly organizing and reorganizing as we adjust to having another adult living in the house.  Also, school started back today so we’ll be getting used to Cady’s new schedule as well.  Hoping all of us can go out to dinner tonight and hear about her day.


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