Wait, it’s already September? Chopping trees & upcoming laundry room project…

Geez, bye summer… 😦  Don’t get me wrong, I like pumpkin lattes & sweaters & fall décor and all that good stuff but I don’t like that our summer went by in a flash.  I’ve learned to not wish for the next season but instead to savor the current one but dang…I think that makes it go even faster.

Last weekend I had a VERY SHORT to-do list… It consisted of finishing up our concession stand in our media/game room and going to the library/half price books to get some readers for Milo.  We did neither, because in true Matt & Kimberly fashion we decided on Saturday morning to cut down 3 trees.  Yes, that’s right, cut down three trees.  Initially we were going to trim them.  Then we decided we needed a chainsaw.  Then a trim turned into chop them down to eye level.  Then our neighbor wanted us to trim the branches that hung over in to her yard… so in the end, we cut down most of the three giant bushes (red tips) that resided in our side yard and it took ALL WEEKEND.

I don’t have any before pics from the weekend, but I dug thru a few old ones to give you an idea of where we started.  This was the side yard when we moved in…


The old owners had used it for a dog run, a place for their storage shed and stacked firewood.  We removed the metal chain link fence, moved the shed, moved all that firewood, seeded the area and it became Milos play yard.  Here is a pic from a few months ago.


Looks great, right?  Except this was the issue.  We are replacing that fence in the background behind the trees (that’s actually the front of our house) and the trees needed to be cut back.  The shade from the trees was also nice, but unfortunately, the shade was so great the area under the trees couldn’t grow grass and it would also stay constantly wet – causing a breeding ground for mosquitos.  We also keep our rain barrel back there and the extra dampness was causing the mosquitos to hang out there too (even though we use the water tablets).  You can also see from the above pic that the tree on the right hangs way over into our neighbor’s backyard.  So they were having issues growing grass in that area too.  So down they came.  Here is what it looks like now…


Those trees were so freaking tall.

Those trees were so freaking tall.

Here’s a close-up – it’s so ugly… 😦


But we do have a plan…  We’ll be working on the new fence over the next couple of weeks.  We are removing the landscape pavers and I’ll be tilling and seeding the area.  And trust me, I’d love to have the trees totally removed and have my garden there next year but since I don’t have an extra $1500 (yep, that’s the correct number) laying around to have the tree guy take them out they’ll be staying.  Next year the trees will come back and provide the right amount of shade and we’ll have to keep them trimmed going forward.  Next summer it will look great but for now.. yuck.  Milo doesn’t seem to mind though and now that it’s dried out and the rain barrel has been treated again the mosquito issue will be mitigated.  And now our neighbors across the street can clearly see into our backyard/pool area from their upstairs.  hahaha  Sorry neighbors!

Next project that we’ll be starting this month is our laundry room.  I’ve been wanting to change it up for a while so a LONG time ago I said, “let’s put that on the list for next fall.”  And here we are… September.  Anyway, it will get done in a few stages.  This is where we are starting:


It’s not awful – pretty typical actually.  It’s hard to tell, but it’s painted a dark gray.  And  has no windows.  Not sure why someone would paint it dark gray when there is NO natural light in there and it’s a tiny room but anyway.  And here are a few pics of the direction I’d like to go:


See the bottom right one?  That’s what I’d really like ours to look like.  We are keeping our floor and W/D (they still work great and I just can’t justify getting rid of a perfectly good washer/dryer).  When we do eventually replace them I’d actually like to get stackables.  The stackables have come a long way and aren’t just for tiny apartments anymore.  When we get new ones I’d like our laundry room to look more like one of these:


But for now, like I said, we are keeping our current ones.  We are also keeping the existing cabinets.  The cabinets will get a makeover.  We’ll also paint and get a new light fixture.  Matt will be building shelves on one side and above the w/d for extra storage.  Should be fun! 🙂  More on that as the month goes on.


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