An office update that we really weren’t even working on…

This past weekend was relaxing yet productive as well.  It was kinda quiet with most everyone gone all weekend except tiny & me.  Gage was at Disney World for a conference.  Cady had homecoming game Friday night then all sorts of “HoCo” activities Saturday and then the dance that night.


This was Matt’s weekend to help lead worship at church so he was gone for the most part too.  Milo and I enjoyed the slow rain on Saturday morning and even took the opportunity to play in the puddles and break in his new wellies.


I also finished up an ongoing project that has lasted nearly a year…framing in the shelves in the office/craft/music room.  I just looked and it is almost EXACTLY a year since this POST about our “office”.  And don’t get me wrong, the space worked pretty well.  The issue was the desk placement.


You always see beautiful office pics with desks backed up to windows like this. Well, um… I actually work from my desk all day and I’m here to tell you, unless you have some sort of blackout curtains the glare from a window (even with blinds closed) is too much on your computer screen.  So I ended up always working from a different place in the house at certain parts of the day.  Months ago I finally turned the desk around and I used it like this for a while…

not so great iPhone pic…

You can also (barely) see that in the above pic I painted my desk white.  I’ve wanted a white desk in here for a while, but I was afraid to take the plunge.  I finally did and I love it.  I wasn’t crazy about the placement of the desk but it worked until I could change things up.  Finally a couple of weeks ago we decided to build in the bookcases.  This consisted of 2 things.  1. applying a wider “facing” to the fronts of the shelves where they meet vertically  2. adding crown to the top.  There are a million tutorials out there on how to “build-in” billy bookcases so I’ll spare you the step by steps, but allow me to share a cute pic of the boys buying the crown moulding at Home Depot…


Since we had to do some moving around at this point, I decided I wanted to actually nest my desk “in” the shelves.

Here it is today:


I really like how it turned out.   And that blanket on the chair isn’t “styling” – it’s functional, it’s freezing in this room for some reason.  ha!


This room really does function as a work room for us.  I work there all day.  The kids play piano, cello, etc in there.  And it’s also our craft room.  So the shelves are full of all our craft supplies.


I think having the desk against the wall opens up the space more.


And of course we still have our chalk board craft table (that converts to a much larger table when you fold out the sides) on wheels so it can easily be rolled into the middle of the room if several of us are working on a project.


There are still a few small things that I need to do to finish out the room.  I want a new light/chandelier.  I would generally never take a ceiling fan down in Texas, but as I mentioned before – this room is so cold!  I’ll probably DIY something cool for the light.  I also ordered a really cool large typographic sign for above the piano from a friend’s etsy shop.

I’m thinking about putting our Christmas tree in there this year as well.  That bay window opens to the front of the house so it would be pretty.  Plus, I love love love looking at the Christmas tree so having it in my “office” where I can stare at it all day seems like an amazing idea.


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