Me and Martha Stewart

meandmartha button2I’m a Martha Stewart fan.  I sorta feel like we are friends.  I often call her “my friend Martha”… as in “my friend Martha says don’t use bleach on water stains, use white vinegar” or “my friend Martha says this is how you fold a fitted sheet” or “my friend Martha says wreaths made from natural seasonal elements are the way to go.”  I have watched Martha Stewart for as long as I can remember, I remember her specials from when I was a kid because my grandmother would watch her.  I actually totally thought Martha’s Vineyard was named for Martha Stewart.  Don’t judge.  I didn’t have cable when Gage was a baby/toddler – more than 20 years ago.  We watched a LOT of PBS via the old bunny ears… And when Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers or the dreaded Barney would end and Martha’s show would come on I’d often continue watching.  I was mesmerized by her dinner parties and backyard smoker and beautifully trimmed Christmas trees.  Those things were a world away from my life – a single mom in college mostly eating chef boyardee and sharing a room with my toddler in a tiny apartment.  I kept up with her along the years and watched her shows here and there and then I remember she got in trouble for the whole insider trading thing…  I was like WTH?!  There is NO way she did something so bad she might go to prison!  Then I learned all about insider trading and I was like – woah, that’s illegal?  I thought that was just having the right friends in the right places.  Ha! Kidding! Maybe… ANYWAY – I watched her trial unfold and then her sentence and then her reporting to prison with dignity and agreeing that she should serve what the judge deemed fair (she even showed up early on the day she was scheduled to start her sentence! #manners).


work it girl! ankle bracelet & all!

But THEN… I watched girlfriend the day she was released.  She busted out of that jail looking fantastic with her hand knitted poncho (which pretty much single-handedly brought knitted ponchos BACK into fashion – I totally bought one after that.)  She did interviews and spoke of her “jobs” when she was in prison.  The recipes she taught the cooks to make.  The positive/homey atmosphere she incorporated among her fellow inmates.  The crafts they did.  And I was like, YES – Martha!  I love her even more now.  We all mess up – be willing to admit it, pay the repercussions and make the best of it and then do better.  After the prison thing she came back to head up her media empire.  She started a new show (which I actually used to record on my VCR) and even did a version of Apprentice. (as a side note – Martha’s Apprentice is where I came to know Bethany Frankel – also love that girl).  When her Homekeeping Handbook came out 10 years ago or so, of course I had to have it.  I book marked pages and read all the tutorials and studied each tip.  It’s a nearly 800 page tome…

yes, those are ALL old Martha Stewart books in the background too.

yes, those are ALL old Martha Stewart books in the background too.

A few weeks ago I was doing some reorganizing in my office and I came across the homekeeping book.  As I thumbed thru it and skimmed the pages I had tagged, I had an idea.  I’m participating in a month long writing challenge.  Everyone in the 31 Day Writing Challenge is going to write in the month of October (well…we are going to try!).  Topics range from spirituality to homeschooling to favorite books – anything.  I thought it would be fun to do a month of me and Martha.  I’ll look through my old Martha Stewart stuff and feature some of her tips, recipes and crafts.  I mean it’s almost the holidays and we all know Martha is the queen of holiday stuff.  It will be like searching for good stuff PRE-PINTEREST, you know, in books and magazines.  And as if on queue, while I was still working on this post I had another window open reading Martha’s blog AND I was watching her on TV as well (she was making chicken wings from her new appetizer book – I need to get it…)  I snapped a pic in case you doubted my appreciation of Martha!


I hope you’ll enjoy the next month of posts!



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