Daily Homekeeping (Me and Martha Series)

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According to Martha’s Homekeeping Handbook (page 23) there are 6 things you should do daily to stay on top of managing your home.


I’m actually a little happy to report that we would get an “A” on these chores…maybe not a perfect score, but a pretty good one.

The six things are:

1. Make the Bed…


Full disclosure on bed making… Cady gets up first (around 6:30) and does NOT make her bed except on weekends.  I get up about 30 min later and I don’t make the bed because Matt is still sleeping in it!  He does generally make it after he gets up.  Gage is up next and he makes his bed every.single.day.  He is super neat and that’s only one of the many healthy traits we adore about him.  Milo is up last and his bed is always sorta made.  His bottom sheet and comforters always stay in place each night.  He only covers with a soft plushy blanket that he has had since he was a tiny baby.  To make his bed we just fold that blanket and put it under his pillow.

2. Manage clutter…

Essentially, managing clutter for us means picking up toys.  And the toys go on and on for days.  I’m actually doing a whole post on organizing toys later in this series.  So the way we manage the clutter is by telling everyone to pick up their own junk.  Mainly Milo…

dailyclean7We have convenient storage spots in all the main rooms for him to be able to pick up his stuff quick.  See those baskets above?  Those have the downstairs set of toys (legos, blocks, random plastic crap).  Then he also has a couple leather storage boxes (one is pictured above) that are for cars and books.  Those are stored on the built-ins on the other side of the room.  He has to do a clean-up session a few times a day.  It can get out of control fast.

3.  Sort the mail… 


This is an easy one for me…mostly because I’m expecting something in the mail almost every day. ha!  I’ve got to get my online shopping under control! heehee!  Syd wanted to be featured on the blog so I took a pic of her bringing in the mail.  I actually had to take a second photo because the first one had an envelope that had our actual address on it. I had to make a fake envelope and put it on top so I don’t get any stalkers.  Cause I’m worried about that and all.

4. Clean as you go…

We all cook in this house so it’s very important to clean as you go.  We mostly do this.  There are some dishes that have a ton of ingredients and use lots of pots, so those don’t always get cleaned right away.


5. Wipe up spills while they’re fresh…


This is for sure an important one.  I’m constantly wiping tables and counters all day, but it is especially important to stay on top of spills.  If you don’t they will get harder and harder to clean up.  We have a glass stop stove and you HAVE to clean it almost immediately when you spill on it because if you don’t you will be scrubbing until your muscles ache.

6. Sweep the kitchen floor…

We are pretty good about this one too.  We have a dog that sheds A LOT – especially in the summer.  We have faux wood floors and tile all thru the bottom floor so we mostly Swiffer to pick up excess hair.  I’d say we do this at least every other day.


And Cady is NOT usually the one that sweeps… I am… I sweep and Matt vacuums.  But alas I wanted to feature the whole fam on the post so she got the sweep part… And as you can see, she’s not actually sweeping – she’s posing… And yapping about twitter or some band or why her Spanish teacher is completely unfair.  Bless her heart.

So those are the 6 Daily Homekeeping chores you should be doing.  I said we would get an A on these.  I’m not sure how we’ll do on the weekly & monthly tasks, I guess I’ll find out soon!



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