Family Time – A Fall Luncheon (Me and Martha Series)

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Sundays in the Me and Martha series is dedicated to Family Time.


This week’s “project” comes from Martha Stewart’s Parties and Projects for the Holidays.  This book is a little over 15 years old but I love it for a couple reasons.  It does an overview of 5 different parties.  It shows you how to decorate for the party, what types of fun games/crafts/favors (depending on what type of party, adult party has favors not crafts), and then it gives you the recipes for all the food to have at the party!  The party that I pulled our family time from is actually a Craft Party for Kids.  We skipped the craft part and just did the meal featured.


pg 28 & 29

How cute, right?!  This was a Christmas party for kids so we modified ours to be a Fall Party.  We made the piglets in blankets, macaroni & cheese, cinnamon puffs and Christmas Fall Sandwiches.  We didn’t make the hot chocolate, we are saving that for another family afternoon in a couple of weeks where I’ll be featuring Martha Stewart’s favorite recipe for sugar cookies.  We can reuse our fall cookie cutters!  I ordered these cookie cutters and I love them.

All of the recipes are in the back of the book.  Here are the recipes of what we did (page 111).


We made this a family meal…  Cady and I made the cookie cut out PB&J sandwiches – I think they turned out cute!  It’s so easy.  Just use your cookie cutter to cut out the top piece of bread.  Then put your peanut butter and jelly on the bottom piece.  We also ended up trimming the crust because that’s how Martha did it.   I’m so gonna do this again during Christmas with our Christmas cookie cutters.



We made 8, this is 4 of them… We used different types of jelly to add color. Yay for apricot jelly to make an orange pumpkin Sammy!

Then we took the pieces of bread that had been cut out by the cookie cutter and spread butter and cinnamon and sugar on them.  Then baked those for about 8-10 minutes at 350.  We put it on broil for the last minute or so.  You have to watch them so they don’t burn.  (I love that we didn’t waste the bread that was cut away).  You could leave your crust on if you didn’t want to waste that bread.  We stored ours in a bag and are taking it to the park to feed the ducks.  If you were making bread pudding, breakfast casserole or stuffing in the next day or so you could totally save it for that.



these are SO yummy… definitely a favorite…

Gage made the “piglets in a blanket”… (We’ve actually been making those for years.  Just crescent rolls and little smokie sausages).


And Matt made the macaroni and cheese.  I’ll be honest, I had plans of making the homemade mac & cheese in the book , but we decided to just do the deluxe box kind… I did put the macoroni in cute little bowls though.

family table9

We use these bowls a ton.  They make your dinner feel so much more fancy!  We use them for chili, gumbo, red beans & rice, desserts and we also use them at parties for condiments.  I got mine at Target but found these super cute ones on Amazon as well.  I think I’m going to order another set because I like them so much it would be nice to have extra when more family is here at the holidays.  I have visions of making mini pot pies or cobblers in them… Maybe I’ll do that and post about it in the future!

So that’s it!  We put jazz on our speakers and sat down to eat.  Listen people, we had pb&J’s, box mac & cheese, pigs & a blanket and cinnamon toast…all super inexpensive, totally easy food – but we set up the table, got out the good dishes and enjoyed our time together.  It doesn’t take a lot to create a nice dinner party atmosphere.  And with the entire family helping to make dinner, it doesn’t take a lot of prep/stress either.



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