Felt Sewing Book (Me and Martha Series)

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It’s Monday, that means it’s time for a Martha Stewart organization tip (Mondays & Thursday are the organization posts days!  Today we are talking about sewing supplies.  Who would have thought I’d ever have sewing supplies to organize?!  Well, guess what, I do.  Cady is actually the seamstress in our house.  She received a sewing machine for Christmas several years ago and used to spend countless hours making elaborate clothes for her Barbies and American Doll.  But alas, she is a sophomore in high school now so there is no time for all that crafty doll business anymore.  Her time has to be dedicated to social media, you tube videos, friend chatting and boy talk.  *roll eyes*

The only sewing I generally do is maybe to fix a torn hem now & then or tighten a loose button.  I do make Milo’s Halloween costumes and I’ll show you those later this month but you’ll see they are SIMPLE stitch projects… and maybe even a little hot glue thrown in.  So here is where I started – a sewing jar.

I keep this jar on our dresser in our closet for quick clothing repairs.

I keep this jar on our dresser in our closet for quick clothing repairs.

The sewing jar is an improvement from the sewing drawer I used several years back.  And by sewing drawer, I mean I had a junk drawer and I’d throw my sewing supplies in there too.  That did not bode well for your fingers when you were absent mindedly searching through it for a double A battery or scotch tape.  There were many pokes by stray needles.  Here is everything that was IN the sewing jar.


I actually don’t mind keeping most of this stuff in the jar.  I mean it IS a cute jar…  The extra elastics and sticky no-sew hem…the pins and measuring tapes and spools of thread – all that stuff will stay.  But what you will notice is the abundance of needles we had!  Who needs that many needles in a lifetime?! Betsy Ross?  So I decided to make a felt sewing book just for my needles.  I found this tutorial on page 100 of Martha’s Good Things for Organizing.  This book is around 15 years old but has GREAT tips.


You’ll also notice at the bottom of the page Martha suggests a sewing drawer as well – my sewing drawer did not look like that…  And I love the idea of a button book (top right).  We keep all our extra buttons in another cute jar in our craft area.  Milo loves getting them out to sort/count – which is the other reason I didn’t include them in my sewing book.

I already had some light blue embroidery thread on hand (46 cents).  I picked up 2 square sheets of felt from Hobby Lobby for .25 each.  This project literally cost me less than a dollar…


I started by cutting both sheets of felt in half (making 4 pieces).  The I left one the original size and trimmed the other 3 so they would fit as “pages” in the book.



Then I folded the pages in half and placed them in the cover (the bigger piece of felt I did not trim).  I pinned them in place at the spine so they wouldn’t move too much.


Next up I sewed along the “spine” so the pages were binded together.


^ I told y’all I wasn’t a seamstress.  In fact while I was making this I was thinking this would be a great craft for girl scouts.  I remember (long ago) when I was a girl scout leader I had my girls earn a sewing badge by learning about sewing supplies and how to sew a simple apron.  This would be perfect for that.  You could even talk about the different needle types and practice sewing buttons.  Next up was the button.  I grabbed one out of our button jar and sewed it on the outside flap.



Then I took the extra flap from the cover and measured where to cut a strip so the button would fit through.  Martha actually used a little tab but I made mine a little easier.


It was sew easy.  I need to stop… And here are  few pics of the pages.




When I was finished I showed it to Matt and he was all, “cool, you made yourself a clutch purse.”.  Geez.  I think he was proud that he had used a fashiony word like “clutch” but his assumption that I would carry this crafty $1 felt book around as a purse clearly shows he has ZERO fashion sense.  After I explained how the needle organizer would change our lives for the better he was all “Oh, yeah that’s really  cool.”  And then went back to football… lol

I think it’s awesome though, you should make you one!

needlebook collage



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