Felt Mice…Kid Stuff (Me and Martha Series)

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Each Wednesday during this series, I’m dedicating a post to Kid Stuff… as in crafts, learning, costumes, etc.

This week I’m featuring a craft from Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for KidsThis is a newer book, it’s only a couple of years old and is SO good.  It has tons of learning/science crafts, young kid crafts, older kid crafts, GOBs of great stuff.  The felt mice craft can be found on page 61.  It’s actually a Christmas craft (you use candy canes) but we used pipe cleaners and made them sort of like Halloween décor.  Here’s what you’ll need:


  • various colors of felt squares (they run about .25 at your craft store).  Get the colors you want your mice to be.  We used black and gray because like I said, ours is more of a Halloween thing.
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaner for tail or candy cane during Christmas!

The book actually gives you a pattern but you are supposed to copy it and enlarge by 150% or something…ain’t nobody got time for that so I just free handed the shapes (ear piece and body) and allowed Milo to do all the gluing.


Progress shot:


I realize my shapes are not perfect.  And Milo didn’t glue all the eyes and noses on exactly in place but that’s is absolutely fine.  These crafts that I do with Milo are more for fun and great practice for him learning new skills and following directions.  He LOVES doing crafts.  We took an extra piece of black felt and made a mouse hole because I knew we were going to stick them on our stairs.


Because we were sticking them to our stairs, I hot glued a piece of left over cardboard the backs and then used that non-damaging gum stuff to adhere them to the risers.


Milo has a little play room under the stairs so I thought it would be cute to decorate that area with them.


He gets the biggest kick out of these little mice.


That’s it!  Fun and easy non-scary Halloween decoration.


If you are looking for something similar that would require less cutting/gluing and still won’t damage your wall, here are a couple Halloween crafts from Martha Stewart’s craft line. I found these at Michael’s.  I didn’t buy them but they would be cute to do with your kids if you don’t want to be all super crafty.  lol!  I think they were around $5…





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