Popsicle Stick Barn…Kid Stuff (Me and Martha Series)

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Each Wednesday during this series, I’m dedicating a post to Kid Stuff… as in crafts, learning, costumes, etc.

This week I’m featuring a craft from Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for KidsThe popsicle stick crafts can be found on page 72.


The book features a popsicle stand and a cute cabin.  Milo has really been into farming lately so we decided to modify the cabin and make a barn.


FYI there is also a diorama horse stable on page 78 that I considered.


This is a little advanced for Milo but we are thinking of modifying this craft next month and doing a crèche (nativity).

For the barn though… honestly, we had all the supplies.  It required popsicle sticks and glue.  We also painted ours and made the windows & window boxes (which is toothpicks and beads).  I let Milo do the painting of the red sticks and I did the black ones (dry brushed with silver for a weathered look) that made up the roof.  We got our craft sticks at a craft store a long time ago but I also found these sticks online and they are already colored!  They would be perfect for a ton of projects!


He loved painting the sticks red.  I put down craft paper and he got MESSY but that’s ok.  Be prepared when you are doing pre-school crafts that messes are going to happen.  The only thing I did pick up was this “Down on the Farm” tube of animals.  You can find a ton of different “tube” themes at Hobby Lobby.  Always use the online coupon if they aren’t marked down.  We paid $5.


Once the sticks dried, I handed the craft over to Matt.  I thought it would be a fun Daddy/Son project.  Matt really enjoys building complicated models so I thought this would kinda be like that.


They counted out sticks (many times…) and Milo got to glue them together (with help).  Then Matt pretty much had to do the structural/architecture part of getting it all to stay upright.  Fortunately we had finished the animal pen so Milo had fun playing with that and he still got to spend time with Matt.


Cady actually made the window boxes and created a little weather vane out of toothpicks and a couple beads.  We left one side pretty much open so that Milo could put animals inside (and tiny matchbox cars because who doesn’t store their classic sports cars in their barn…).  It was a fun family craft to work on together.


Cute, huh?  You could make whatever type of building you want.  That’s the cool things about this type of craft.  Make a skyrise or cottage or whatever your heart desires.  For now, we are enjoying our little red barn… complete with gigantic chickens and tiny farmers.



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