First Aid Kit… (Me and Martha Series)

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It’s Thursday…that means it’s time for a Martha Stewart organization tip.  Today I’m posting about first aid kits…


The specifics for household first aid kits can be found on page 648 & 649 of Martha’s Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook.


But what I really like about this whole section of the book titled Emergency Preparedness is all the great info on how to prepare you home for emergencies and also what to do when there IS an emergency.  Info on things like frozen pipes, power outages, hurricanes/tornados and other natural disasters.  There is a whole section on how to put together a disaster-supply kit.  I’m thinking of getting the big kids to help me make one of these next month.  Gage and I are super into prepping for a zombie apocalypse so this would be fun for us. #walkingdeadfanproblems  There is also a ton of info on pet proofing, fire alarms, extinguishers, pest control, household hazards…and so on and so on.  It’s all definitely well researched and well worth a solid read.

Anyway, back to first aid kits.  First of all, never keep your first aid kit or medications in the bathroom.  I don’t even know why they call them medicine cabinets but those are the worst places to store medicines.  They need to be stored in a cool dry place away from any moisture.  We actually use our linen closet upstairs to keep our medical stuff.  I have an old armoire that I use for our actual linens – I’ll post about that next week.

Here is our linen utility closet and what’s in it.


This is a pic of all of our first aid supplies (with the exception of the braces, extra bandages, cold/hot packs & heating pads).


That’s a lot of stuff, so I’ll break it down.  That bottom section is our portable first aid kit.  We grab it when we go camping, on road trips, vacations, etc.


It has every type of bandage imaginable… also scissors, tweezers, medical tape, eye patches, gloves, one of those heat blanket things, ointment, a first aid guide, etc.  It came pre-stocked so we have simply replenished it when necessary.  We also always put the stomach medicine and Tylenol/advil in it when we leave.

The white basket is our household first aid kit.  It contains all this:


More bandages, injury creams/patches, pain relievers, sinus/allergy meds, first aid sprays, anti itch cream, cold medicines (for adults and kids), tummy medicine, vapor tub (for adults & kids), etc.  This is the stuff we use most.  I go through it once a year and will throw out anything expired and replace it.  We pretty much use this stuff until it’s all gone though.  That’s the great thing about having a first aid kit, you keep it all in one place so you don’t over buy and waste medicines.  You also aren’t searching for medicines when you need them.  That little bag on the bottom contains the medicine droppers/syringes and all of our thermometers.  We recently purchased a forehead thermometer but I don’t think it works well so I’ve kept all the old ones too.


So that’s it!  Having an organized space for all of our first aid items/medicines definitely makes me feel good.  It’s way better than frantically searching for a Band-Aid when someone cuts their finger or having to run out to the drugstore when one of the kids comes down with a cold or stomach bug.

Now…on to making that zombie apocalypse prep kit…



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