Chocolate Bar Family Time…(Me and Martha Series)

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It’s no secret that I LOVE chocolate!  And truth be told, I’m NOT a chocolate connoisseur… because milk chocolate is my favorite!  This last weekend was all about fun Fall stuff.  Halloween Crafts, pumpkin patches, football and yummy chocolate.

The Halloween candy bar covers were inspired from a couple of places.  One of the crafts is on page 401 of Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids.  It’s a snowman craft but works well as a little ghost too!


It’s as easy as wrapping your bar with white paper (we just used printer paper for all our covers) then putting fingerprints for eyes and a mouth.


We have a stamp pad but you could probably even use a black marker and color your kiddos fingertip.  I finished it with a bow of orange embroidery thread.


You can get thin Halloween ribbon at the craft store for a couple of bucks but I never made it over there this past weekend.  I think it’s cute and grandparents or teachers would probably like it.

The second candy bar craft we did was the “mummy” one.  If you have kiddos, they have probably come home with a similar Halloween craft before.  You can do this on paper, around all types of candy, raison boxes, etc.  Since we were having a chocolate candy bar day we decided to “wrap” our candy bars.  We’ll be giving these out to special friends, not trick-or-treaters, that would be too $$$!.  We are giving them to co-workers, Cady’s friends, my bible study girls, etc. All you need is white paper and masking tape and some googly eyes.  We had everything for both of these crafts already – another reason it was so easy.


Cut your paper to the size that will work well to wrap your candy bar.  Then use pieces of tape to cover one side.  This is a perfect preschool craft because the more random the tape is on the paper, the more it looks like a mummy!  Once done, trip the excess tape off the sides.  Next up, wrap your candy bar.


Fold over once and secure with a small piece of tape.  Fold again and use two pieces of tape.  Then use a piece of tape on each end to seal the edges together.  Then use your craft glue and add some googly eyes.


Sign your name if you want and voila – a mummy candy bar!



And of course Cady and Matt made a few mummy bars too.  It was a family event after all!


Next up with the chocolate bars was hot cocoa!  After baths and all homework was done, I told the kids we were going to have hot cocoa together.  This recipe comes from page 111 of Martha Stewart’s Parties and Projects for the Holidays.  This is the same book our Fall Luncheon ideas came from.


All you need is 2 ingredients – milk and a Hershey bar!  So simple!  I will say, I thought it was really rich.  I couldn’t find an 8 oz bar of Hershey chocolate and didn’t want to cut up a bunch of our smaller ones so I found this big one that was a little over 7 oz.  Next time we make it we’ll use a little more milk (maybe an extra cup).  If you like really rich hot cocoa, leave it with the normal amounts.  It reminds me a lot of Starbucks hot cocoa or Godiva hot chocolate.


That was our chocolate bar family time!  Easy activities and a fun way to end our day with the sipping of yummy cocoa.  Now if I can just keep myself from eating those chocolate candy bars that are reserved for friends it will be a success!



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