Family Cross Stitch (Me and Martha Series)

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Tuesdays in the Me and Martha series is dedicated to crafts.  This week’s craft comes from Favorite Crafts for Kids – except I was the one who actually did this one.  All by myshelf.  I say myshelf because that what we hear Milo say all the time – “I can do it all by mySHELF!”  3 year olds…

When I was thumbing through the pages marking potential crafts for me and the kids to work on, I saw these adorable family cross stitch projects.

Pg. 270 of Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids

Pg. 270 of Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids; you can click the image to see directions more clearly.

Now, I am NOT a cross-stitcher.  I’m not even sure that’s what they are called.  But these looked easy enough and really cute and personal so I gave it a go.  First step is using graph paper and making a pattern.  I just used colored pencils and also studied the drawings/examples she had in the book.  The only thing I purchased for the project was a piece of aida cloth and the embroidery string.  I bought a variety colored pack (around $5 and came with at least 20 colors and we will use these for a ton of other projects – you’ll see) and then I also bought several other specific colors for our hair and skin (each of those was less than a buck).  I didn’t even think to buy an embroidery hoop.  Maybe it makes it easier, but I had no issues just holding my cloth.


I was originally going to only do our faces/shoulders but once I started the project I realized that would be REALLY small.  I made several modifications during the project to my graph paper pattern.  It was easy as x’ing squares then erasing if I didn’t like how it worked.  I would definitely suggest using the graph paper though – I would have been lost without it.  It helped me know how many stitches to go over for certain things.  Here are some in progress shots.


Like I said, I am NOT a cross stitch person so I didn’t even realize I was doing it totally wrong.  LOL!  I threaded my embroidery needle like I was going to sew (so the string was doubled).  When I started working the project my string was too thick to actually make an x (cross) so I just made slanted stitches.  It worked fine though and actually made it “half” the work. ha! Leave it to me to find a way to make needlework lazy!  Look at me using my felt needle book!


I started this on a Friday night.  I made the graph and began stitching.  I worked on it for a couple hours here and there over the weekend, mainly because Matt was watching a ton of football which I can’t stand!  I was finished my Sunday evening.  And I admit, it was totally relaxing.  Different than reading or other activities I do to relax.  I’d probably do it again, but I just don’t think I’m that great.  The fam loved it though – mostly because of the personal touches… I put Milo in his favorite “3” shirt, gave Matt a little bit of crazy hair, Gage an LSU shirt, Cady some highlights in her hair and me in my red high heels.


We even decided to frame it and hang it in our hall – not a super “public” place but a place where we’ll see it and get a kick out of it. (frame from hobby lobby for $13 and a custom cut mat from there for $10)


I love personal things in our home, and this one was fun and relaxing to do.  Perfect for a rainy weekend that was filled with football.


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