Cotton Ball Sheep…Kid Stuff (Me and Martha Series)

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Each Wednesday during this series, I’m dedicating a post to Kid Stuff… as in crafts, learning, costumes, etc.

This week I’m featuring another craft from Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for KidsThe cotton ball sheep craft can be found on pg. 25 and it is ADORABLE!  It reminds me a little of the cotton ball ghost craft Milo and I did last year.  Milo loves gluing stuff so I knew he’d love this one!  This is how Milo’s face looks when I’m like, “Let’s sit at the dining room table and do a craft!”


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • black card stock
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • string (I used my favorite twine that I use for wrapping Christmas presents.)
  • We also used some wooden craft sticks.  I tied the sheep to them and made sort of a mobile.  You could easily just hang them however you like.  I think they’d even make adorable ornaments as well.
  • You’ll also need scissors and a hole punch… or just scissors if you don’t have a hole punch.  lol

First step is to draw a sheep onto the card stock.

I just free-handed this. I wanted our sheep to be real fat like the ones in the picture in the book.

I just free-handed this. I wanted our sheep to be real fat like the ones in the picture in the book.

Cut your sheep out and then trace him a few more times – depending on how many sheep you want.  We made 4.


Punch a hole in the top and thread your sting thru. Don’t forget this step. I actually forgot it on our first sheep and had to redo it.


Then start gluing.  Milo follows directions well but I think this craft is great for 2 & up.  For the first layer I let him dip the cotton ball and choose where to put it.


After the “round” part of the sheep was mostly filled in, I would put a small squirt of glue on the bare spots and Milo would squeeze a cotton ball in those places.  Then as a last layer (there are a few cotton balls on top of the other cotton balls) I would squirt glue directly on the cotton ball and tell him where to put it.  You could use a combination of all those depending on how well your kiddo glues, follows directions, etc.  An older kid could probably do all of it on their own.


Once one side dries…turn the sheep over and do the other side.  Don’t press too hard when gluing because you don’t want to flatten the cotton on the other side.  That’s it!  We tied ours to the wooden craft stick.  Martha says “hang your flock in a doorway or window to display”.  LOL! I cracked up at the word flock.  I keep calling ours a flock now.



I’m dying at the adorableness!


Here’s a pic after we hung it in Milo’s window.  When the air from the vent comes on and it wiggles around a little it reminds me of sheep jumping, you know, like counting sheep?


This was a super SIMPLE craft, but it turned out so well and everyone that sees it thinks its so cute.  So get to it, go make you a flock of sheep!


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