Pumpkin Carving… (Me and Martha Series)

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pg. 137 of Martha Stewart's Special Ocassions

pg. 137 of Martha Stewart’s Special Occasions

This year we decided to carve our pumpkins instead of painting them.  We’ve painted them for the last several years but I thought some old school scooping and chiseling would be fun.  Gage is still out of town so it was just Matt, Cady, Milo and me. Martha gives some great carving tips on page 136 of her entertaining book Special Occasions.  click to enlarge.


We used one of those cheap carving kits from Walmart (about $3) that comes with a book of ideas/templates.  We had to break out a big knife for the tops, but those little tools were pretty easy to use.  And that book?


Milo studied every single page of that book for a week.  He finally decided on a ghost design.  We set up outside for the messy part.


Cady was undecided on what she wanted to do (as you can see above), but in the end she decided to print a template off the internet (Baylor Bear!). I cut the tops and then the kids (and Matt) scooped out the guts.


Neither of them actually liked that part…


Especially Milo.  He actually got really grossed out by it and refused to do anymore after about 2 handfuls.


We moved inside and I started with the ghost template.  It didn’t work well taping it on so I ended up free handing the design on the pumpkin and going from there.  I also put an M on the back of Milo’s so he could have an area to cut and poke – that way he would feel like he was carving too and the ghost design on the front wouldn’t get messed up.


Cady’s was way more complicated and took more time.

Milo was dancing in the background...in his underwear...lol

Milo was dancing in the background…in his underwear…lol

They both turned out super cute!



Milo’s (team effort):


I will say this though…I think next year we will go back to painting!  Yuck.  And also, the pumpkins are already starting to get mushy.  And we have followed the tips online about using Vaseline and spray with a little bleach.  If you want to carve pumpkins, I guess the best tip is to wait until the day before Halloween.  And just because I think some of these are super cute… Here is a pic of the painted pumpkins featured in Martha Stewart’s Halloween edition of her magazine this month.  I think some of them are great!


And a pic of our painted ones from last year.

Final products!

Yes… we are definitely going back to painted next year.  These are so cute!

Carving or painting, either way, I love Halloween pumpkins!



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